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How is do you decorate your desk?


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  • How is do you decorate your desk?

    I just got promoted, and with that promotion I got my own office. This is a first for me. Of course I've started to decorate my space. Mostly Mickeys. I'm curious to know how all of you decorate your offices, desks, cubicles, or whatever space you do your work at.

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    Re: How is do you decorate your desk?

    Messy. I don't try thats just how it ends up.
    Har har har


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      Re: How is do you decorate your desk?

      I just have a few PhotoPass pictures on a shelf, and all of the MIceChat magnets that Rick and Lu have given out at the special meets.


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        Re: How is do you decorate your desk?

        I have a bunch of random crap on my desk. Basically pics of my kids, Bengals and Clippers stuyff, a wedding pics of me and hubby, and I have a BUNCH of toys (more than any grown woman shoudl have on her desk at work). But people do stop to play with them and chat :-). You just need to make your office you own, its doesn't come overnight. Its taken me 7 years to collect the crap I have at work now.

        Congrats on the promotion!

        A little piece of heaven


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          Re: How is do you decorate your desk?

          Decorate? Decorate?

          I just try to keep a clear space so I can do my work!


          What is, is... What is not, is not.


          I don't ask for much... Just a few little things!

          Extra effort yields extraordinary results!


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            Re: How is do you decorate your desk?

            Congratulations on your promotion

            best thing family photos.

            but keep mind of what you have you really wouldnt want something of value
            to you in your office incase its taken.
            I work in a corporate building and sometimes I read reports about employees personal items missing

            Have fun decorating..
            Originally posted by aashee (Farter Extraordinair)
            Wow. If regular MiceChatters saw this thread they might think we are normal. Thanks Dan & Gina!


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              Re: How is do you decorate your desk?

              First off - Congratulations on the promotion and move to better digs.
              My cube is a MESS. Papers and Files, boxes of papers everywhere. There is hardly space for my chair in the cube it is sooooo small. But for decorating - around my Monitor I have pasted up the Cheshire Cat at the top Maleficent and The Evil Queen are at the bottom corners and the Little Green Men are at the bottom center. Chernabog is on the door to my overhead storage with Veterans Day posters I also have covered one of my Award Certificates with a Death Certificate. I get a few odd looks for that one.
              I have Shrek movie figures doused around too. Puss-n-Boots and Gingy.


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                Re: How is do you decorate your desk?


                Even when I had my own office I couldn't decorate much. I was the only one handling Accounts Payable for a few years so I had 2 desks and they were both full of inboxes, scanning, invoices, etc, etc. I was able to put a few things out but not much.
                I now have to share an office so I have a few pictures of my daughters, some quotes from Walt Disney posted on the board, my daughters silhoutte from Disneyland, a M.A.S.K. toy, and some random Mickey Mouse stuff. I had to put a lot of the Mickey stuff away because I don't trust people!


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                  Re: How is do you decorate your desk?

                  my workspace is at home, and it has a stereo on top with 2 speakers, and a printer/copier/scanner. and the rest is papers papers papers

                  Orlando doing good

                  Princess of Randomness


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                    Re: How is do you decorate your desk?

                    At work I have a couple pictures of my cats, a Tigger and a couple Patrick Star toys a co-worker's daughter gave me.

                    At home I have a few Tiggers, a Darth Vader BK toy I got when Episode III came out, random little toys and pictures.


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                      Re: How is do you decorate your desk?

                      Congrats, having your own office is great.

                      Just pictures of my daughters on the desk and a crapload of paper everywhere.


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                        Re: How is do you decorate your desk?

                        I have a lot of photos, mostly of musicians I've seen, and a few pics of friends, and of course one of Jeff and me. Dream ears, a few fun work freebies, a mini water cooler... I have a calendar, postcards and a few Harry Potter bumper stickers hanging up too LOL I had bamboo but it died!
                        Good morning, son
                        In twenty years from now
                        Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
                        And I can tell you 'bout today
                        And how I picked you up and everything changed
                        It was pain
                        Sunny days and rain
                        I knew you'd feel the same things...



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                          Re: How is do you decorate your desk?

                          I have 4 pictures at my desk at work (I spend all day in a cubicle) - one of me and Anders on Catalina Island, one of us with my daughter on formal night from our cruise in August, a school picture of Paige, and one of the beach at Pacion Island in Cozumel (where the Corona beer commercial was filmed! We spent an unforgettable afternoon there last year). I have my "Life's Little Instruction Book" daily calendar, my Hello Kitty mousepad and tape dispenser, a Winnie the Pooh figurine, a Smurfette figurine (and by figurine I mean like 1 inch tall plastic toys) and a teeny red plastic army man from when Anders and I split up the 4 tickets we won playing skeeball at the arcade on Catalina Island in Nov 2005 (we each got one and kept them as reminders of our trip). I also have a round pink pig stress toy I found in the dollar bin at Target. It's a very cozy space to work in, but this is the accumulation of almost 3 years on the job in the same desk.
                          Looking for the truth about giraffes?


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                            Re: How is do you decorate your desk?

                            So I put up some of my husbands art work, a couple pics of my son and of course a pic of Mickey and me. I also have 4-5 plants. Gotta have greenery. I'm sure I'll add more later. Thanks Kaye for the suggestion, I try not to keep any thing of value out in the open, I have a looked cabinet where I keep patient files, thats where I store my valuables.


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