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Becoming a Disney Scholar/Historian

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  • Becoming a Disney Scholar/Historian

    While watching the special features on the new 101 Dalmatains Platinum Edition, I noticed that some people had "Disney Historian" as their title. How exactly does one become a Disney historian? I am moving to LA to get my graduate degree after I graduate with a major in theatre and a minor in film next Spring. I am going to get a graduate degree in film, and the schools I am most considering are Calarts, USC, and Chapman. Is there an actual posistion for Disney Historian at Disney? Any thoughts, would be appreciated.

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    Re: Becoming a Disney Scholar/Historian

    I've been introduced several times as a "Disney Historian". I've also been introduced several times as an "amateur Disney Historian" and/or a "Disney Expert." And I have absolutely no formal training, education, or any other formal credentials in the field. So I think such a designation is simply in what others decide to call you.

    Originally posted by GhostHost2
    Is there an actual posistion for Disney Historian at Disney?
    Currently there is no actual full-time position of "Disney Historian" within the Walt Disney Company. The closest to that would be Dave Smith and a few of his staff that hold the titles of "Disney Archivist." They are the only de facto full-time Disney historians at the Company.

    Disney has so many talented employees throughout the company who are also fans and unofficial historians in broad sectors or more focused areas of the company...that they probably don't feel the need to have a dedicated "historian" position, and they just designate people with that "screen credit" as they see fit.

    They probably think the folks they have access to and use for public speaking, research and stuff...along with the Archives...are all they need.

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