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Fundraisers that have worked for you???


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  • Fundraisers that have worked for you???

    NO I'm not trying to get your money!

    BUT I'm interested to know how you may have made money in the past with anything from youth sports to girl scouts!

    Back story: My daughter, Kat, does competitive cheer. Her team received a paid bid to World's. Paid only means they pay your competition fee, not your travel. Or your parents travel.

    We have 6 weeks to make this happen. And while most of the parents will be willing to pay the costs themselves, we've all just spent a great deal of money on 4 different weekend trips and are all pretty much tapped out!

    So I'm interested in any fund raisers that have worked for you in the past. And I'm not talking candy bars and car washes. We need something interesting and easy.
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    Re: Fundraisers that have worked for you???

    Our biggest fundraiser for our cub scout pack was having a cake auction. Every year the fathers/sons would make cakes and decorate them without any female help and then we would auction them off to family members at a big pack meeting. Not sure if this would work for you as almost every family ended up taking home a different cake.


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      Re: Fundraisers that have worked for you???

      How about a silent auction? Serve desserts made by the families, and hopefully some donated wines and beer to liquor people up?

      It won't take long to get some donations and put it together if you have some people who can take the lead and work around the clock on it for a few weeks. Doesn't have to be super organized, but you can get it done and have fun at the same time.

      Talk to travel agencies about donating a trip? You can raffle it.

      Call the local paper about free advertising for whatever it is that you come up with. Maybe they can do a piece on the girls and their accomplishments and highlight your fundraiser. You don't want the same pool of parents to be spending their money, you need outside cash!

      Good luck!

      Be sure whatever you sell, you get a 50% return. Entertainment books are an easy sell. But you probably need more moolah than that...

      Garage sale?

      Courtney's music program is doing an Amazing Race as a fundraiser. Your team of four (adults only) follows the clues around town (organized by a company, not the teacher) and at the end, there's a party and silent auction. It's unusual! I'm looking forward to it. And I dont' look forward to fundraisers, typically.


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        Re: Fundraisers that have worked for you???

        A garage sale is a good idea, and the girls could even perform at it in order to raise money. Just put a hat down or something and people can also donate that way.
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          Re: Fundraisers that have worked for you???

          Great Thread!!

          The youth group at church is having a "garage" sale sometime this summer. We've already got a ton of donated items lined up. When I did those in High School to pay for our annual drama production, we easily made $600-$700 a pop. It's just a matter of having a good location on a main thoroughfare.

          Also, the youth group is planning on producing a CD (it helps that the youth minister is also a DJ with a small recording studio in his garage). It will probably be all original music and poetry and stuff, but it sounds like it's going to be good.
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            Re: Fundraisers that have worked for you???

            If you know any one in Kiwanis or other service groups you might ask your local groups for a donation. Since this is a pretty big event they may be willing to help out. I know when my nephew was playing baseball in high school they were in the running to play a tournament in Cooperstown and someone passed a hat around the Kiwanis (or Lions club, or some other organization) meeting and collected $2,000 in one hour.


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              Re: Fundraisers that have worked for you???

              I used to do fundraisers for camp scholarships at my church.

              An easy one is this: Get a gone or some other fun garden item. Put a baggie full of envelopes with it as well as a paper explaining that the gnome has appeared on the person's lawn hoping to receive a donation for camp. The person who gets the gnome hopefully puts some money in one of the envelopes and puts it in the offering plate on Sunday, writes his or her name on the paper and then sends the gnome on to another house.

              A more elaborate fundraiser is this: Host a murder mystery dinner. We have six games going at once in six different rooms of the church. The parents of the kids who waqnt to go to camp do a lot of the clloking, but it's simple since a lot of it is from Costco. The kids who want to go to camp are the servers . Everyone who comes to these has ablast and we make a pretty good profit.

              Silent Auctions make a lot of money too. I just hate being the person who goes around to businesses rounding up donations.


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                Re: Fundraisers that have worked for you???

                I work for a non-profit, so we're always trying to raise money. In June we're having a poker tournament. Along with the poker, we're going to have door prizes and a silent auction.


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                  Re: Fundraisers that have worked for you???

                  yard sales, bowling night, poker night, car washes, movie night

                  Orlando doing good

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                    Re: Fundraisers that have worked for you???

                    candy bars might not be interesting, but they're easy and they work. *shrug*

                    silent auctions take a lot more work but they usually do really well too.
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                      Re: Fundraisers that have worked for you???

                      pojker tournament can get you big bucks. Silent auction.
                      Is this a community cheer group? You might be able to get businesses to 'sponsor' a girl.
                      The service club route is good also.


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                        Re: Fundraisers that have worked for you???

                        I did competitive cheer and we sold blankets. They're super easy to make and you sell them for like 12 bucks. You can even buy the little kits at JoAnn's now. We also did car washes, hosted dinners, bake sales, begged for sponsers, sold candy and hosted a rummage sale. Good luck! I know how hard that is!!


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