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Real animal magnetism

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  • Real animal magnetism

    This is just a funny real life story of a guy that has real animal magnetism.
    My brother-in-law used to commute four hours every weekend to see my sister, because of work they lived in different parts of the state. Well he kept encountering animals and at first I thought it was just coincidental, but know I just think it is too weird to be coincidental.
    The first encounter was with a squirrel...he had stopped on the side of the road to stretch his legs and had left his window rolled down. It was night and when he got back in the car he just drove away. Then all of a sudden he heard a noise so he turned on the dome light and found nothing.So he shut it off and heard it again. So when he turns it on this time there was a squirrel sitting right in front of him on the dash! It jumped in his lap and he had to swerve off the road and pull over and let it out.It didn't seem to want to get out and he had to open both doors to get it out!
    The second time he pulled off at a rest stop again at night and it was deserted. So feeling uneasy he left the door to his car open in case he had to jump back in quickly.(I am not sure why he thought of this?)As he came out of the rest room a dog jumped out of the bushes and started chasing him back to his car. He barely escaped...lucky he had left the door open!
    Next time (yes there is more) he was driving home at night again and got a flat tire. He pulled off the road onto the shoulder in the gravel to change it. While he is out there he hears something in the bushes, feeling anxious he gets back into the car. Just as he does 3 wolves appear from the brush.One hops onto his hood and they other two stand at the door. He said they were growling and very menacing.So he tries to scare them away with the horn and the engine starting but they won't move.So he sits there for 45 mins. until a police officer happens by and scares them away.The police officer stands there until he gets the other tire back on and drives away.
    Well I have 3 more stories involving another 2 other dogs and of all things a seal! Now this person has started surfing which everyone else LOVES because they all feel safer with him in the water and now call him Sharkbait.

    So now I am wondering if anyone else has had any similar experiences or if this guy is really a freak?! :lol:

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    Re: Real animal magnetism

    ...sounds to me like he'd better check what kind of deoderant he's been wearing... and change it. Or stop rubbing pecan and steak juice all over himself before he takes a trip.

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    Originally posted by AGhostFromThePast
    all you need to know about the mommy stick is.. out of all the bad things that could happen to you... it's right between wetting yourself and death.


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      Re: Real animal magnetism

      ummm... sounds like a freak to me.