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I have discovered the Archives


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  • I have discovered the Archives

    When things get a bit slow here at MiceChat, I head for the Archives. I notice they are listed chronologically. It is kind of fun reading some of the old posts.

    My usual procedure when I first get on MiceChat is to read the News. Then I read New Posts. I then might check my User CP. The new features are a great help. If nothing interests me, it is fun to read some of the old threads in the Archives.

    I am a slow learner. Some of the features of this website, have taken me a little longer than most to learn. I think it is because I was raised in a different time, that I don't seem to catch on as fast as the younger generation. My grandson has a natural ability, when it comes to anything to do with the internet, or video games. Modern technology is new to me.

    I got sidetracked. I like the Archives. There's lots of good reading there. I scroll the topics. If I find one I like, they are very easy to read, since they are just text. Just one more reason to spend more time on MiceChat.

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    Re: I have discovered the Archives

    Yep, there aren't too many topics that haven't been discussed on MiceChat. The heated ones usually draw the most interest.

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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      Re: I have discovered the Archives

      Congratulations for finding the Archives - this site is a constantly evolving brain-trust of knowledge on things Disney. I've been here almost from day 1 & rarely a day goes by that I don't learn something new when I visit this site.
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