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DisneyMania signing off


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  • DisneyMania signing off

    Well, I am sorry to say that I will be gone for a week. My mom has banned me from micechat for a week because I was on here instead of cleaning my room. oops..... So I guess I will talk to everyone in a week. :wave:
    Love yaa!!
    - Arianna

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    Re: DisneyMania signing off

    Bye!!! Talk to you in a week!! :wave:
    Originally posted by drunkmom
    this is my first buzzed post in the DMCA -- I'm really in this club because I'm a bitch more than anything. I've only had to hit the backspace 4 (oops, make that 5) times in (now 7) in this (now 9) (now 15) in this post! Damn, now I'm up to 18! Our neighbors were (19) (20) making tequilla sunrises. I thought I couldn't do tequilla (22) anymore but (24) this stuff (26) was good! It started (27) with an s


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      Re: DisneyMania signing off

      Originally posted by DisneyMania!
      My mom has banned me from micechat for a week because I was on here instead of cleaning my room.
      Even as a Administrator, there are priorities to make in life:

      College > Eating > MiceChat > Guild Wars > Sims 2 > Cleaning > Sleeping
      -Monorail Man


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        Re: DisneyMania signing off

        Oh boy, I remember those days! Find something productive to do this week and see ya when you come back!
        �In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.� -Michael Jackson


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          Re: DisneyMania signing off

          Miss You!!!

          Welcome to my blog!
          A Photographed Life
          12/28: Copperopolis, California


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            Re: DisneyMania signing off

            I hope you will be able to find something close to entertain you until you get back. See ya in a few!!
            Founding member of the B.A. I LOVE US!!
            FratSor Sister-Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ
            I bring the magic!!!
            "If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't jump with them, I'd be at the bottom to catch them"
            Originally posted by Reverend DMother
            Girl bonding is just so necessary. It's just as important as "me" time. A good girl bonding session leaves you feeling so refreshed. :love: I think of it as a NEED vs a want. There are just things that you need to talk to other women with. You may have the best relationship in the world with your husband, but there are just times you need your girlfriends. It makes for a healthier and happier you which makes everything else you do better.


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              Re: DisneyMania signing off

              Restrictions used to be telephone, TV etc. Now Micechat, kinda tells you something doesn't it?!

              See ya in a week Disneymania!
              Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
              it's what they are like in their HEART!

              - Wolfette


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                Re: DisneyMania signing off

       least i can't be put on restriction anymore. guess i should go vacuum, though. sorry DM. cya next week!!


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                  Re: DisneyMania signing off

                  Whe I was a kid, the word was "grounded". I had no idea parents say "Banned" now. Technology changes so much.

                  Enjoy the week vacation!
        's been a long time.


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                    Re: DisneyMania signing off

                    If only my mom could ban me from MiceChat, I'd actually get some work done at work and at home!!! :lmao:

                    See you in a week!


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                      Re: DisneyMania signing off

                      Hope you get back soon!
                      Listen to me on the radio!

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                        Re: DisneyMania signing off

                        A year ago, I didn't even know how to turn on the computer. The computer was always my husband's domain. I am learning now. I am sure sometimes my husband wishes he had never shown me how to turn it on, or how to search the web. I discovered MiceChat and it does take up a lot of my time. My muffins just beeped, got to run. (That is the timer on my oven, I am baking muffins).

                        Young MiceChatters - listen to your parents - they know best.
                        Last edited by Barbaraann; 08-08-2005, 12:52 PM. Reason: typos, again


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                          Re: DisneyMania signing off

                          Maybe we should take turn banning each other. When you need a break to like, pay bills, do chores, etc.. Might make us look to getting those done quicker so we could have our fun back :lol: :lol:


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                            Re: DisneyMania signing off

                            BarbaraAnn: did you know that, after teens, you and your peers are the fastest-growing group of computer users? Partly this is due to decades of being afraid to "break it", but also in part because folks in the "earlier generations" are retiring, semi-retiring, or on cruise control at their jobs and finding themselves with enough time to tackle new things - and the fact that many grannies learned that having email meant getting pictures of the grandkids more than twice a year didn't hurt either! Goodness knows my mom didn't tackle the internet till a combination of and emailed grandkids drew her in. By the time I actually have kids she may give up dialup (again... she didn't listen to me when I told her to get cablemodem so I could troubleshoot... don't know the first thing about DSL, and hers didn't work well)

                            What was I saying? Oh yeah: clean your room

                            Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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                              Re: DisneyMania signing off

                              See you in a week......


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