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Saying Goodbye to my Dog


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  • Saying Goodbye to my Dog

    Well, this isn't exactly timely but on February 28th, we had our dog put to sleep. Her name was Dusty and she was 15 years old. She was definitely part lab and we think part German Shepherd. At least that was what we were told when we bought her but she was always seemed to small to have both of those breeds in her background. Doesn't really matter though - we only paid $40 for her.

    She really always was a good dog though. She was obedient, very gentle and calm, and didn't perpetually try to run away. Unfortunately, she also always had bad allergies most of her life which caused her to bite fur off her back. In the past few years, she developed cataracts in her eyes and her hearing started fading. She still held up really well though. Despite her age, she always remained pretty lively and until her final few days, she had a good appetite. I think I'm actually glad I wasn't around for her last few days as I probably would have been a total wreck.

    With her being 15, it seems like I should have been prepared for her to go and yet It still is incredibly sad. After all, I was only 5 when we got her so we really did grow up together. Ever since I moved away to college in September 2006, I was always expecting every time I saw her to be the last. Even so, it was still incredibly heartbreaking when my mom told me she had been put to sleep. I was still away at school at the time though so I guess the total impacts of her being gone didn't hit me. This past week though, I've been home for spring break and it's been rather strange and upsetting. So many times the house just feels empty. It seems like I'm constantly expecting to see her lying down somewhere in the house. I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually but it's so difficult to let go of a pet who's been around for the majority of your life, who really has become part of your family.

    I'll miss you Dusty.

    Here are some pictures (her eyes look demonic in all of them):

    Her 14th birthday (8/25/06)

    Christmas 2006

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    Re: Saying Goodbye to my Dog

    Honey, i'm really sorry, but if was eaiser on Dusty, it's for the best


    Remember all the great times you had and be thankful for them.

    if it is a comfort, Sirius Black put it best, "It's quicker and eaiser then falling asleep"

    I'll pray for you.


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      Re: Saying Goodbye to my Dog

      So sorry to hear about your dog. I too just lost a dog I had for 12 years. A Chaplain I know suggested the book "Rescuing Sprite". I ordered it from Amazon and it just got here today so I don't have a first hand review for you, but I do trust this man's opinion. Hang in there and remember she will always live on in your memories.


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        Re: Saying Goodbye to my Dog

        im so sorry to hear about your dog. cherish these memories.


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          Re: Saying Goodbye to my Dog

          What a gorgeous bow wow. I truely believe that we'll see our beloved pets again someday. Dogs are wonderful, true blue friends.
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            Re: Saying Goodbye to my Dog

            i'm so sorry you lost your beloved friend, ands thank you for sharing dusty with us!! I think her eyes look like they have cateracts, so they don't look evil. my 16 year old dogs were the same.
            I lost two of mine almost two years ago now, and I miss them still.
            many hugs coming atcha

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            "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia."

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            :lol: Did the pages take that long to reach around to your part of the world?!? :lol:


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              Re: Saying Goodbye to my Dog

              She was a beautiful dog. I am SO sorry for your loss. It can be very hard. My parents had our dog, Pooky put to sleep last summer....and driving up to their house...and not seeing her run down that driveway, still kills me. It will take time for your heart to heal....just keep those wonderful memories close.


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                Re: Saying Goodbye to my Dog

                Awwww she is such sweetie pie -- love the little specs of gray on her muzzle.

                You just keep those photos near you, she will always be in your heart. Cherish the time you had with her. It's never easy saying goodbye. In fact it down right sucks.

                We all wish they could live forever.
                Just countin' the days til the next visit!


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                  Re: Saying Goodbye to my Dog

                  No More Tears

                  The time has come for the tears to end
                  for you to be happy and cheerful again.
                  I am safe in God's home above
                  cradled in His arms; covered with His love.

                  We run and play by the Bridge all day
                  waiting for the day when you'll be here to stay.
                  You've been crying so much I feel bad
                  I want you to be happy and not so sad.
                  Remember the time when I was so small
                  I couldn't even pickup the rubber ball.
                  I fought that ball from morning to night
                  it made you laugh, I was quite a sight.

                  Remember teaching me sit and stay
                  we had such fun since I didn't really obey.
                  but you kept at it with test after test
                  so when I entered my first show I was the best.
                  Remember the great times we had in the past
                  like when we walked to the park we had a blast.
                  We'd run and play all through the park
                  until the sun went down and it got dark.
                  Remember the times we went for a ride
                  I was so excited I'd jump right inside.
                  Away we went to who knows where
                  but you and I we didn't really care.
                  I'll always love you, you're my best friend
                  I'll be right with you even to the end.
                  Always remember the great times we had
                  and there will be no reason to ever be sad.

                  Written by John Quealy

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                    Re: Saying Goodbye to my Dog

                    I so sorry to hear about Dusty. She looked like she was a cherished member of your family. Putting down your best friend is one of the hardest things to do. Take comfort in knowing you did the right thing for her and she will always love you for it.


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                      Re: Saying Goodbye to my Dog

                      I am very sorry! The hardest thing about having pets is having them leave us (or needing to be put to sleep). She was a beautiful dog.


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                        Re: Saying Goodbye to my Dog

                        I'm so sorry to hear about Dusty, Kirbi. It is so hard to lose a beloved family member. And she was so adorable. Sending hugs your way.


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                          Re: Saying Goodbye to my Dog

                          awe, I'm sorry. :ghug: we had to put my cat to sleep a few weeks back and it was a very difficult thing to go through. My thoughts are with you.


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                            Re: Saying Goodbye to my Dog

                            Very sad news. My condolences.

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                              Re: Saying Goodbye to my Dog

                              I am so sorry.


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