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    People have been asking about a Mice Age archive. Well there is one, sort of. The Internet Archive ( has been archiving websites since the 90's. It's absolutely free to acess, and most websites on the net have been archived at least once.

    Mice Age has quite a few archived pages itself, from December 11 of '02 to Febuary 7 of '04. The images take a time to load, and some were never archived at all, so many articles are text-only, but many articles are up there.

    To get there, search for in their "Wayback Machine"

    here's the link:*/


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    I use that for so many things sometimes.... thought it sometimes isn't good when it is ususlly only test archive.... (who has the time to create this and the server that large for all this stuff..)


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      That site is awesome!!!! thanx for the link. I have really been wanting to look at some of the archives of MiceAge for a while now!!!!!
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        Wow... I used that to peruse some old sites I used to visit... awesome! Thanks!


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          Ahh, the good old Wayback Machine. Good for both looking up older, otherwise unarchived articles and for seeing how sites have changed over the years. I've spent quite a bit of time looking up older sites on it; It's interesting to see how websites evolve and change over the years.


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