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Disney Items That You Use Daily


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  • Disney Items That You Use Daily

    I have been wanting to start this thread for quite sometime now.

    So, what Disney related items do you use everyday? (ie. key chain, glassware...)

    Personally, my Mickey Mouse "M" clock and alarm wakes me up every morning.

    Also, I use my EPCOT World Showcase bath towel* when I get out of the shower.

    *OK, so I don't use the same towel everyday but it is the towel I use most often.

    Pictures would be nice if available. I'll see if I can take pictures of my said items.

    Originally posted by Phonedave
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    Re: Disney Items That You Use Daily

    I always have a Disney antenna ball on my car. I try to change it every 2-3 weeks. I also have some of the retro button-style magnets on my bulletin board that are always up.


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      Re: Disney Items That You Use Daily

      my tigger watch and I do have an antenna ball.


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        Re: Disney Items That You Use Daily

        I don't know if you would consider these things "used" but I have a Disney antenna ball on everyday that I change with the seasons, and frames all over my desk that I see everyday. Oh, and a Tinkerbell mini cosmetic purse in my purse at all times.


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          Re: Disney Items That You Use Daily

          I have a Mickey desk Set at work, pencil holder, paperclip holder made out of mickey's pants (I always get a chuckle when I think I am technically going into Mickey's pants for a paperclip), and a note pad with mickey's all over it.

          Other than that I have my mickey tattoo that never goes away, so I guess I use that on a daily basis. LOL


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            Re: Disney Items That You Use Daily

            Mickey head bottle opener gets used almost daily.

            And my Mickey head wine stopper gets used....all the time (unless we empty the bottle).


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              Re: Disney Items That You Use Daily

              I have two mugs from Disneyland that get used almost daily. One is at home, it has a map of DL on it. I use it for coffee in the morning. Sure I have other mugs but I clean it every day, makes my mornings a bit less gloomy. The other is a Tink mug that is at my work. I use it for tea, or to heat up soup.

              I also have a Tink wine stopper that we use quite a bit. That is all I have that is used regularly.


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                Re: Disney Items That You Use Daily

                this is gonna take a while.....

                we have a pirate bathroom. No, I'm not kidding. We have Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones plagues on the wall....and numerous other non Disney pirate things all over.

                my daughter only uses Disney washclothes.

                I ALWAYS wear an anklet from POTC.

                Our mousepad is POTC

                I use a Donald Duck pen to make lists with

                My car has Mickey pirate antennae topper, POTC keychain hanging from mirror, and WDW license plate cover, and Stitch window decal.

                The fridge is covered in WDW magnets (use the fridge everyday)

                And my daughter uses Tinkerbell silverware.

                Also, her bedroom is Tinkerbell. This includes her bed.

                My current purse in use is POTC.


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                  Re: Disney Items That You Use Daily

                  I always use my Mickey Mouse coffee mug and I sleep in my yellow Mickey Mouse lounge pants.
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                    Re: Disney Items That You Use Daily

                    I don't keep a whole lot of Disney stuff.
                    -A painted thingy with Alice, the Castle, and Ariel (with Flounder) spelling out my name is over my bed.
                    -An Incredibles mug for coffee every morning I remember to use it. It holds like a ton of coffee!


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                      Re: Disney Items That You Use Daily

                      My giant disney coffee mugs since they hold almost 2 cups of coffee at a time.


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                        Re: Disney Items That You Use Daily

                        I wear a Disney zip up sweatshirt every day (always cold!), And I wear Disney PJs sometimes as well as Disney shirts.

                        MY antenna topper.

                        I use MiceChat )
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                          Re: Disney Items That You Use Daily

                          Originally posted by SummerInFL View Post
                          I have my mickey tattoo that never goes away, so I guess I use that on a daily basis. LOL
                          I want to see a picture :judge:...I so want to do that, but haven't worked up the courage yet.

                          -I wear a Mickey Mouse (I have quite a few different ones) or Evil Queen watch every day

                          -Of course, the antenna topper that I change out for each holiday or season.

                          -I have Mickey license plate frames on my car, and a Mickey decal on the back window (In black so it's not too obvious)

                          -Tennis shoes with Mickey on them that I wear most days of the week

                          -A Mickey coffee cup that I use as a pen/pencil holder on my desk at work

                          -A Disney computer mousepad at work and an Evil Queen one at home


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                            Re: Disney Items That You Use Daily

                            Totally excellent thread!!!! I was thinking of something like this but didn't know how to word it. Here's our list:

                            1. fridge magnets
                            2. numerous mugs and cups including Stitch, Tink and Disney Parks
                            3. Mickey ceramic hot pad
                            4. Mickey thermos
                            5. Disneyland throw blanket
                            6. Mickey mouse pad
                            7. Mickey antennae ball
                            8. Tink car decal
                            9. Tink trailer hitch cover plate
                            10. Peter Pan bulletin board at school (I'm a teacher!!)
                            11. Tink insulated cup
                            12. Mickey Pen
                            13. Jillions of Disney stickers for the kids at school
                            14. Tink note holder
                            15. Spousal unit has at least 25 Disney shirts and hoodies
                            16. I have 2 hoodies ........ Grumpy and Mickey, a Tink t-shirt, a black t-shirt with a
                            gold Mickey.

                            17. Blue topaz with gold mickey earrings
                            18. Mickey/Minnie charm bracelet
                            19. HUGE Tink hoop earrings
                            20. Tink watch, Eeyore watch

                            I think that's all! But I'm always up for more!!!


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                              Re: Disney Items That You Use Daily

                              Mickey parts keychain.
                              License plate holder from DL.
                              Various Disney mugs.
                              Mickey hot cocoa I drink almost daily.


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