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[What is your] desktop [background?]

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  • [What is your] desktop [background?]

    WHAT is your disney (or non-disney) desktop on your computer? Mine is Stitch reading the ugly duckling to ducklings. Idn' dat cute...
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    Mine's Pooh's House


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      THe Castle, after refurb-but before the latest addition.

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        My desktop is a pix of Small World that I took 2 weeks ago. The sky is soo blue and there are no people in the pix.


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          Mine is a scene from Atlantis from the Disney Desktop. Not my favorite movie but I enjoy and gaze at the work it took to make this. I really do appreciate it.
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            Home: Some lame thing that came with the computer, a forest in winter.

            Work: A beautiful picture my borther took a couple years ago. He was driving back from the bay area in the spring and stopped for a few pictures of the scenery. The picture is rolling, green hills covered in purple and yellow wildflowers.
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              For all your Disney Computing needs!


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                Cool site Rainfully


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                  Home: Defult OS X wallpaper
                  Work: Defult Windows XP wallpaper.


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                    Well, currently I have a picture of Spaceship Earth at night with a monorail going by that I got from

                    Before that, I had a picture of my Jack & Sally lamp that I photographed and color edited -- you can find that one in the images section at Just look in my photo album.


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                      Originally posted by Rainfully

                      For all your Disney Computing needs!
                      Wow that is a kickass site. Thanks for the new background wallpaper!!!
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                        Originally posted by Chernabog
                        Wow that is a kickass site. Thanks for the new background wallpaper!!!
                        Fanastic site!! YAY!!
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                            Mine is the Adland backstage trash compactor at sunset. I used to spend summer nights there chatting with other CMs behind Bengal BBQ. It's no castle, but hey... we had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.
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                              My home wallpaper is various 3D renderings of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701A from Star Trek.

                              My work wallpaper (right now) is a 3D rendered picture of the Windows logo...I haven't decided what my next one will be.

                              I change them frequently!