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Calendars - Who's on yours?


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  • Calendars - Who's on yours?

    Do you buy special calendars to hang on your wall, or set on your desk at Christmastime, or in January like I do? I always like to get one of those, that you tear off everday. I usually buy a few special wall calendars and at least one of the day by day calendars. My wall calendar in the kitchen is a Disney one. The bedroom/TV room, where I mostly hang out has a Harry Potter calendar and a Peanuts Desk calendar. I have a few of those calendars that the banks give away also. There is also a Dragon calendar in the living room.

    So who's on your calendar? - or would you rather not say

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    Re: Calendars - Who's on yours?

    We have Star Wars. Han Solo was hot back then. We used to have one that you tear off everyday but my daughter tore them all off at one time. They had little sayings on them.



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      Re: Calendars - Who's on yours?

      I keep one on the wall in the kitchen (above the phone where we keep track of messages and such). It's different every year, but almost always some sort of black & white photography so that it matches the look of the house. I also have one on the wall in my office at work. I have more fun here, this year it's classic Muppet Show. Last year I had one of those daily tear away ones on my desk with Simpsons trivia, but I found that a) I didn't always keep up with the daily tear offs and b) I prefer to look and see the whole month before me (easier to plan things that way).

      I don't ever set out with a specific idea of what I want. I usually go in january to one of those temporary calendar stores they set up in malls. Come mid January they are just trying to clear out whatever is left so the store can close. I can usually get 3-4 calendars for the same cost as the original full price of just one. :thumbup:


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        Re: Calendars - Who's on yours?

        The wall calendars in my bedroom - I have three. One's Care Bears, one has drawings of Chinese childern - I THINK weach one corresponnds with each month... I got that for free from an event. I also have a calendar up from last year (oe 2 years ago?) - Dale from the MMC was one of the men of the month so I have that turned to him I got that in the goodie basket from his company's holiday party

        We have one in the living room, too. it's one of those desk calendars that my mom gave me for Christmas that doesn't fit anywhere.

        And at work have a day by day one that's teaching me French. It was a joke from a co-worker. So, "Elle est d'origine modeste" to you all!
        Good morning, son
        In twenty years from now
        Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
        And I can tell you 'bout today
        And how I picked you up and everything changed
        It was pain
        Sunny days and rain
        I knew you'd feel the same things...



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          Re: Calendars - Who's on yours?

          I have the Annual Passholder calendar in my room, a Disney Animated Movie calendar on my desk, and a cat calendar on my wall.
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            Re: Calendars - Who's on yours?

            I have a Shag calendar on my wall and a Disney animated movie calander on my desk.


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              Re: Calendars - Who's on yours?

              I have my Disney page a day calendar on my nightstand in the bedroom, and at work I have a page a day, worst case scenario survival calendar for work. However, that one is currently in my closet since I am a teacher and have the summers off. I guess I should change it in the near future. Oh well.

              I always like the page a day ones more becuase I get more pictures, sayings, etc.
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                Re: Calendars - Who's on yours?

                I have a daily Leonardo Da Vinci calendar. Tons of sketches and portraits. Though many are nudes, so I made a little fig leaf sticker to place appropriately for work.
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                  Re: Calendars - Who's on yours?

                  I have a Dave Barry daily calendar.....apparently I haven't looked at it in ages...just opened it and got my new sig line.


                  Ooooh, I want a Shag calendar!! How cool!!

                  Upstairs we have a Disneyland calendar.


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                    Re: Calendars - Who's on yours?

                    I have one with pictures of Shetland Sheepdogs (shelties) on it in the kitchen.


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                      Re: Calendars - Who's on yours?

                      Here in the computer room I have a Spike (from Buffy/Angel) calendar. In the dining room I have a Paris themed one (because my living room & dining room are decorated with pics of the Eiffel Tower & Moulin Rouge).

                      Next year I really want to find an Ewan McGregor calendar. Heh!


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                        Re: Calendars - Who's on yours?

                        I always enjoy looking for the right calendars for the house. Here is what we have:

                        Kitchen: Cat Tales By Charles Wysocki

                        Office: Cats By Gary Patterson

                        My Room: Winnie the Pooh

                        Grandma's Room: FDNY Firefighters, she ussally has Chippendales but these guys were HOTTER so they stayed in her room. The Chippendales ended up in the garage on the freezer, not a bad view when parking.
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                          Re: Calendars - Who's on yours?

                          In my room-Orca calendar.
                          Travel calendar-LOTR-ROTK
                          In office-2004 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Official Calendar.
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                            Re: Calendars - Who's on yours?

                            Cats...of course!!!
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                            it's what they are like in their HEART!

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                              Re: Calendars - Who's on yours?

                              I have this calendar called "More Time Moms"- it comes with cute stickers and has huge squares for writing in. I love it. I also have a Creative Memories calendar next to it, just cause I like it. My son has a Thomas the Tank Engine calendar in his room. He's obsessed I tell ya.


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