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Photochronicles of a Chapeau


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  • Photochronicles of a Chapeau

    A different sort of report, for your amusement:

    Version 2.0, already used once last year

    Auto-cad? Nope: Photo-Paint, 1997 vintage




    In a commercial setting, this step would no doubt be done with a rig specifically built for the purpose. Too impractical to machine-sew without such rigging, so lock-stitched by hand with two threads and needles instead.

    The Motive:

    99p on e-bay, from the UK. Already well-loved, much more well-loved since. Now, well-worn. About ready for retirement and to be a collector's item.
    (This and similar styles are common over in Europe but almost non-existent here in the US. Try looking at shots of spectators during Euro-2008 soccer games this summer and you're bound to see plenty of them.)

    Phooey! After at least five evenings of work, only to find out it's at least five sizes too big.
    Well, OK...
    This is #3 completed; the second one using the v2.0 templates. Questions? Fire away.

    Oh well, he can keep using his usual, which literally is about five sizes small enough...

    (This one was from ebay too)

    The End!

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    Re: Photochronicles of a Chapeau

    I'm impressed! That was a lot of work to go through for a hat. I can barely sew a pillow case so it was a treat to watch a hat in the making


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      Re: Photochronicles of a Chapeau

      wow!!!! Great job!! Seriously....I am impressed.


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        Re: Photochronicles of a Chapeau

        You're skills are amazing!!!
        Very impressive!!!
        Originally posted by PEZZ Lightyear
        Try the Hello Te-Kitty-la.


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          Re: Photochronicles of a Chapeau

          Thanks. This is the third one of this sort I've made, so I've gotten the hang of it a bit better. The first was hand-stitched entirely, and possibly this helped out with learning--and coming up with--the finer points of needed techniques.


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