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The Jock Trip Report -- aka that other Anaheim attraction


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  • The Jock Trip Report -- aka that other Anaheim attraction

    First off -- mods feel free to move this to the sports threads if you want.

    So tonight me and a couple of other micechatters had a nice little outing to that other Anaheim attraction, just two miles east of Disneyland on Katella.

    That's right. I went to see my beloved team, the Angels, otherwise known as the Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim (:rant defeat the Detroit Tigers 3-2! It was a very nice evening, and the pitchers on both teams were pretty much evenly matched. If it wasn't for some good offense toward the end of the game the they would have lost.

    This picture was taken during the bottom of the 8th inning. It was taken from my cell phone so I hope it is clear. The Angels were down 2-0 with two men on base. After this, they scored 2 runs, with Matthews hitting in the winning run in the next inning to win the game.

    As I am typing this, I realize I should have taken a picture of the "Rock Pile" which is located behind the left-center field wall and is a cluster of faux boulders with geysers and occasional fireworks interspersed throughout -- especially since this was designed by Walt Disney Imagineering. But I forgot. So I guess you will just have to watch a game for yourself if you really want to see it.

    The funniest part of this game was a fan who looked like Kurt Cobain trying to get everyone to start a wave. This game was a really good one and more people were interested in what was going on with the game than wanting to start a wave. But this guy kept running up and down the aisles screaming, "OK Angels fans lets start a wave!" And every time he would get our attention, something exciting on the field would happen. But he kept at it for at least three solid innings. Oh well...

    So if you ever find yourself at the Disneyland Resort, bored out of your minds because you have a 5-Day Park Hopper and realize you've seen everything in a day and a half, this could be an option if you are looking for something unique to do.
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    Re: The Jock Trip Report -- aka that other Anaheim attraction

    I have NEVER attended an Angel's game!! What a fan am I, LOL, :lol: I so want to go to an Angel's game!!


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      Re: The Jock Trip Report -- aka that other Anaheim attraction

      Great game DIP!


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