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Face Character Auditions


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  • Face Character Auditions


    I'm fairly new to micechat, so I apologize if this thread has been here before, but: I am about to do the Disney College Program in Orlando, but I also want to audition to be a face character.

    Can I do that? What are the auditions like? How should I prepare?

    Any advice, help, and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    Happy Holidays!
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    Re: Face Character Auditions

    Things are done very differently over in WDW. They have a color system once you've auditioned, we have some wonderful WDW Cast Members on here, I'll see if I can send some this way to help out with this information =)


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      Re: Face Character Auditions

      Originally posted by DisneyMouse View Post
      Things are done very differently over in WDW. They have a color system once you've auditioned, we have some wonderful WDW Cast Members on here, I'll see if I can send some this way to help out with this information =)
      thanks mouse- i'll do my best lol


      Like DisneyMouse said, we do things fairly differently in WDW than at DLR. First off, you need to put down entertainment on your application. Put a back up too, in case you don't make the audition. After your application is in, you can pick an audition to go to. There's usually a list of audition locations at the CP website. As far as being a face character goes, you don't have too much say in that. You'll go to a general entertainment audition, and they'll decide from there. Sometimes they bring all the stuff and will wig people at the traveling auditions, and sometimes they'll just accept you in entertainment and then wait until you get to Orlando to wig someone. If you do get approved after that, realize that you will not just do face, you will also get to be friends with the fur characters as well.

      As for the actual audition, it's a pretty simple process. The first thing they'll do when you get there is measure you in your bare feet. Honestly, this first step can either make you or break you. From there, they teach you a very basic dance that is about 6 eight counts long. They will then give you two scenarios. (Mine were 'meeting a Disney character' and 'eating an oversized food item from the park'). You have about 4 eight counts of music before you do the dance combination, and you use those to animate your scenarios. The key to this is no inhibitions, make your movements larger than life, use your face to animate as well, and don't be shy about looking silly. They will then break you up into small groups of about 4 to do the animation/dance in front of the judges.

      After this, they'll do their first round of cuts. They'll send some people, home, and they'll ask some to stay and learn a harder dance combination. At my audition we had about 60 people, and they asked about 9 to stay. If you do not get asked to stay, it doesn't mean you didn't make it so don't worry too much. They'll then teach those ones another dance combination that is a little harder. Ours was more of a hip-hop/jazz one (as opposed to the first combination, which is more just simple movements).

      The third thing you can choose to do at the audition is to do pupeteering. They asked everyone to do it, even if we didn't think we wanted to. They'll give everyone these little plastic things with eyeballs that you put on your finger, show you a few basics about animating puppets, and then turn on a song that you animate to. Ours was all-star by Smashmouth.

      If they decide they want to wig you for a face character there, they'll send you back to have people help you with the wigs and makeup, and then they'll ask you to read a few lines or act out a simple situation for the judges.

      If you get into entertainment, once you get to Orlando you will need to go to a color coding workshop. This runs pretty similarly to your original audition, but you will be assigned a color code from this one. Your color code basically ranks your animation and dance skills- the lowest color being blue, and the highest being red (and there's also low and high within each color- but that's not too important). Depending on what your color code is, you will then be eligible to be trained in certain roles throughout the parks. For example, (and I'm just making these up randomly), let's say the Main Street Trolley dancers require a yellow/yellow. If you have a Y/Y color code, or anything lower, you are eligible to be trained as a trolley dancer. When you are chosen to be trained in something, it will simply show up on your schedule- you do not need to audition seperately for each and every show/parade like you do at DLR. You are allowed to preference which roles you are interested in (from a list of roles you're eligible for) but that doesn't guarantee you'll get something that you want, or that you won't get something you don't want.

      Phew.... hope that's what you were looking for! If you have any more questions I'm happy to help as much as I can


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        Re: Face Character Auditions

        Isn't she brilliant? A guy could fall head over heels for her...

        Something which I can help with is with how you might think about preparing for the Audition. As with any audition be ready for everything and anything, make sure you're already warmed up and in dance appropriate clothing. You wouldn't go to an interview for a job in jeans, and you shouldn't show up at a dance audition in something you can't move in.

        Remember, you're auditioning for Disney. They're looking for people who are welcoming, approachable, interactive and entertaining; there is no time to be coy, or embarrassed. Remember that age old rule "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all," if you're in a group of friends who want to critique everything the other auditionees are doing, best to leave that group. Above everything, give it your all from the moment you walk in the door, until you leave and have fun!
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          Re: Face Character Auditions

          Oh, wow. Thank you, DisneyMouse and kcw! This information is extremely helpful. DisneyMouse, I really appreciate you taking the time to find someone and kcw, I really appreciate you taking the time to type that

          I should have clarified...I put entertainment on my role checklist, but they placed me in quick service food and beverage. Should I still try to go to the open audition? Do you know if there is anyone I should call before hand? Or should I just wait and see when I get there?

          Either way, knowing the audition process has calmed me down considerably, so THANK YOU again, both of you!


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            Re: Face Character Auditions

            In regards to face characters, standards in Florida are low in comparison to Disneyland. I think of this and feel an even bigger boost of encouragement to go myself!! I hope you get to an audition!


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