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Anyone care to share about their friendships with fellow CM's?


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  • Anyone care to share about their friendships with fellow CM's?

    Boy do I feel like I've been posting in the Break Room a lot, and I don't even start for three months.

    I've read "Mouse Tales" and enjoyed it. The book brought up a question about its discussion of CM's really just wanting to get off their shift and have fun with friends/fellow CM's. I'd like to ask just how true this is, and if anyone could elaborate on it.

    I understand that just because two people have the same job, you aren't suddenly best friends, but from what I've read about the Disneyland resort, it's more common than other workplaces. When a newbie comes into your department and works with you, do you keep it strictly professional in the beginning for work's sake, or is an offer to be colloquial made rather quick?

    Do you find that your co-workers are easier to get along with than co-workers of other jobs, if Disneyland isn't your first job? Are there people who you know aren't really all that happy about their job, and are just there for the paycheck?

    Do you and friends regularly go to Disneyland together after a shift, or does it feel like overkill to visit a park you just spent several hours on the job at?

    Lots of random questions, and I hope to get lots of random answers! I really just want to familiarize myself with how things work at the park as much as I can before moving, so I can shed my newbie status as quick as possible. It's also something I'm very interested in, or else I wouldn't have considered applying for the job.
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    Re: Anyone care to share about their friendships with fellow CM's?

    Don't believe everything you read, experience it for yourself. As with any job, there will be people you get along with, and people who'll you be on a simply professional relationship with. Quite often people are already friends with people because they know them from school, and they work at Disney. Two things in common tend to get conversation going, and a friendship started.

    Also keep in mind, that often you will find people who are working there because they love it. Thus you'll already have something in common. Though at the same time, you'll meet people who are working there because they wanted a job, and this was available.

    As it is with new Cast Members, I'm happy to introduce myself right away, and get to know them, show them around, in hopes of making a friend. That doesn't mean we're going to be best buds outside of work. Though at the same time, that isn't out of the possibilities. When I went in for an audition, I meat one of the best Disney friends I have now. We just clicked, but you’ll find that anywhere.

    As for visiting Disney, I've been to Disneyland just about every day since I've started working there; mostly to create Magical Moments on my own time. Though only a few times a month will I go into the Park with other people.

    This is first and foremost a job, a terrifically fun one, but a job none the less. There are a lot of rules, and as long as you're flexible, and ready to work hard, you'll do fine. The friends will come with time; and you already have some here.
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      Re: Anyone care to share about their friendships with fellow CM's?

      Not too long ago (about four months) I was new, and I'm happy to share about the friendships I've made.

      Just like anywhere else, making friends with fellow CMs is as easy as you make it. Some people in my department don't really spend much time with other CMs outside of work, but that's because they choose not to. I, on the other hand, made a point of being really friendly to everyone I met and letting my personality shine (in a work appropriate way of course). You just have to let people know that you want to hang out, and people will almost always gladly invite you places. It's all about showing that you're interested.

      As far as going into the park, one of my best CM friends and I do it all the time, at least once a week, but she's pretty much the only one I go into the park with. I just couldn't see myself spending time in the park with some of my fellow CMs because we all know so much about everything there that I think we might get on each other's nerves. As a side note, just be careful that you don't end up in the park when you don't want to be there. If you ever feel like you don't want to play in the park, don't go. You don't want to make yourself bitter about it. If I ever feel like I'm getting tired of being in the park, then I make a point of not going outside of work for a week or so, just to make myself appreciate it again.

      The point of the story is, I am so incredibly thankful to have made so many friends at my job. When I started, I was in awe of the fact that I was finally surrounded by a whole group of people just like me. They are funny and sweet and I don't know what I ever did without them. Just make the effort to get to know every one you can

      Oh, and it's not such a great idea to date within your department...


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        Re: Anyone care to share about their friendships with fellow CM's?

        I rarely go to the park any more. :P
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          Re: Anyone care to share about their friendships with fellow CM's?

          Originally posted by melmel View Post
          I rarely go to the park any more. :P
          Same with me and one of my good friends I work with, I was in the parl for my first time not working in 2 months last week.


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            Re: Anyone care to share about their friendships with fellow CM's?

            Well my first experience with fellow CM's was pretty crappy. I was trained by two different girls who both couldn't stand the other. So I had to hear about both of their petty crap for three days. Blerhg.


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              Re: Anyone care to share about their friendships with fellow CM's?

              I am truly sorry to hear that Tool, though it's good to know you stuck it out, and are still with us.


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                Re: Anyone care to share about their friendships with fellow CM's?

                My biggest piece of advice is to try to stay away from the gossip there is alot of it and most of it is not true. I have a few really close friends that I work with and I met at work and I hang out with both at work and outside of work. There are some people I consider friends but I wouldnt hang out with outside of work and then there are people I'm nice to but wouldn't really consider friends but its not much different that any other work place.


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                  Re: Anyone care to share about their friendships with fellow CM's?

                  I guess I made the mistake of telling my first trainer that I enjoyed my day with her and her enthusiasm for her job. She is the type of CM who knows all the little tidbits about Disneyland. So it was fun. The next day the second trainer told me that gossip was already going on about me because I told that CM I enjoyed that day with her. It was unbelievable, as I hate, hate gossip and was put in the middle of it from a simple comment. Bottom line I pretty much stay away from them as much as possible. So yeah DisneyMouse it didn't deter me


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                    Re: Anyone care to share about their friendships with fellow CM's?

                    I apologizing for derailing this thread, but I just want to say to all of the cm's:

                    you all are great!!!!!!

                    :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:


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                      Re: Anyone care to share about their friendships with fellow CM's?

                      Woo, bumpin' up this thread!

                      I moved from the bay area to Orange County to work at Disneyland. It was a big move and for the first month, I was living alone. I had some friends from high school who lived there but they ahd lives of their own and I was working a lot when I first started. Needless to say making friends was a priority.

                      My trainers were AMAZING. I credit them for letting me be myself and gettign to know fellow CMs. I had three trainers (haha...) and that was a-ok with me because they were all individually great, let me be myself, and accepted me. They were encouraging, supportive, sarcastic, and witty. And loving. What a great way to be welcomed to the Resort! But as we've read, that doesn't always happen. BUT one of my trainers did tell me, you always have a bond with your trainers, and it's true. I always felt I could go to them for anything (work or nonwork related) and it was great. I didn't like the guy i was training with (another story all together) but my trainer also told me that USUALLY you have a bond with your new hire trainee partner. But that didn't happen with me. But I did bond well with people who hired in around the same time I did. Including one of my very best friends currently (yes even now that we're 400 miles away) and she is going to be my roommate sometime this early summer when I move back to go back to the resort.

                      Just be yourself and outgoing, friends are easy to make, if not outside the workplace, let it bloom in the workplace. That's how I got told to come to Denny's after work, play in the park the next day, etc, etc. I remember when one of my trainers invited me to a movie, it was a great moment because not only did I get to go hang with fellow CMs but I got to know more that came along.

                      It's a wonderful family, and I think you'll like being apart of it.

                      (Don't worry about dating within the department/company/whatever. You'll make good decisions, just keep your head on straight. Oh... and stay out of the drama!)

                      "I'm not funny. What I am is brave." - Lucille Ball


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                        Re: Anyone care to share about their friendships with fellow CM's?

                        I began working Attractions in the park in '83 and left in '94.
                        I still have friends I worked Autopia with, and Autopia was my first Attraction.
                        Lifelong friends come quite easy at Disneyland I found. That's what made it such a special place.

                        Is there that sense of professionalism at first? Yes. There is a period where you have to sort of prove yourself too. But that won't stand in your way of making friends....lifelong friends possibly.

                        I agree with the poster though who said that it's like any job. There will be those you connect with, and those you don't. I can count on one hand though the CMs I really didn't care working with. And it wasn't because they were all THAT bad!

                        People just have different personalities that's all.

                        A case in point is I remember being trained on the Matterhorn. I had been in the park for quite a few years by that time (in Tomorrowland Attractions and Main St. Parking Lot).

                        As is the case with any new Attraction added to your job knowledge, it takes a little time to get to know it. There was this one guy who came off as somewhat of a know-it-all. The kind who tells you what to do, even on those occasions when you don't need them to.

                        I soon came to find out he hadn't been at the park all that long, but he was one of those passionate Disney types who does a good job (even though he did have a strong personality), and moves through the ranks pretty quick. He thought he had found a newbie with me to "mentor," but when he found out that while I was new to the Matterhorn, I was not new to the park, he backed off immediately. When he found out who I was and that I really didn't care about who he was (LOL), he was totally different. Now he wanted to be my friend.

                        That being said though I have to admit that I had several younger CMs come up to me (later on in my career at the park) and tell me they thought I was kind of stuck up when they first saw me.

                        Others who were in the vicinity of this conversation though would be surprised and were like, him? Stuck up? No way!

                        I guess it's all in the perception. I do remember some of the old timers I worked with when I hired in being a little distant. You'd later come to find out how cool they were.

                        So maybe it's just what it is. You're seasoned, you become a little more inattentive to how you're presenting to others I suppose. People will come to find out you're really a nice person though!

                        You'll have the obnoxious ones on occasion too, but they're really harmless.

                        I had a great time at the park, and so will you.


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