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Am I Still In The Running?


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  • Am I Still In The Running?

    Hey Everyone! I've been a long time lurker around MiceChat, and a former cast member at the DLR. I was just wondering if anyone here could give me insight to my situation.

    I hired in the middle of my Senior Year of high school as a QSR Host in New Orleans Square in the fall of 2007. I had an enjoyable experience working for the resort for nine months, but decided to leave the resort July of 2008 to focus on my first semester of college. I left in good terms, putting in my two weeks notice.

    My first semester of college had come and gone, and I decided to make a visit to the Casting Center to check my rehire eligibility December of 2008. I had been given the ok to fill out an application and was told that I could reapply for my previous location and position. Unfortunately, for some reason I was unable to make it past the computer based personality test and could not proceed further through the application process. I was told that I could give it another try in 6 months.

    About 5 months later, May 2009, I decided to fill out an application and was told that I was eligible for rehire and could apply yet again. I filled out an application and was told that all I could do for now was to wait to be contacted about my application. I did receive an email saying that they were not hiring for the positions I had applied for(QSR Host, Attractions and Guest Relations), but was told that they would hold onto my application for 6 months.

    In June of this year, my birthday had come around. I decided to take advantage of the free admission on my birthday. I walked up to the ticket window and gave my driver's license to the friendly cast member, Linda . She entered the information into her computer but told me that there I had been labled "brown" on her computer.

    Apparently, everytime a regular guest makes a transaction for admission into the parks at the ticket booths, they are labeled as green and are all set to go. With me being labeled "brown", their computer was telling Linda that I was still a current and active cast member at the resort. The cast member then called her lead and her lead asked me a few questions about when, why and how I left the company. I had said that I left in good terms and that it's been close to a year since. The lead asked about where I worked then called two managers and all three began to make a few phone calls trying their best to clear my name.

    The entire ordeal took me about an hour at the window, but Linda had made the time go by faster by conversing with me about everything from her first visit to Disneyland, to her grandkids and children to even jokingly inviting me to dinner! With everything said and done, my name was finally clear and I was able to get free admission into the one park, and upgraded it to a summer fun pass. I left a compliment at City Hall for Linda, her lead and the two managers for being such a great hosts/hostesses. The Guest Relations CM even compensated me for my time and being so nice to leave a compliment despite my ordeal by giving my party and I readmit fastpasses.

    Soooooo....back to my point. Since I was shown as an active cast member at the ticket window, will that jeapordize my chances of being a rehire with my current application? I know there are numerous amounts of stories of scheduling messing up shifts, but did I really leave the company and they just forgot to schedule me for over a year? Also some possible explanation of why this ordeal at the ticket window happened in the first place happened would be nice. Thanks for any help and advice in advance!

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    Re: Am I Still In The Running?

    Ah...I highly doubt they "forgot". You would've definitely gotten a phone call (or two...or three...or four...) if that were the case. The "brown" might just apply to current or past Cast Members and needs approval, like what you had to go through.


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      Re: Am I Still In The Running?

      You know the saying "once a Cast Member, always a Cast Member"? It's very literal. Once you've been employed by Disneyland, your record stays with you. As an example - should you re-hire, your personnel number would not change. You'd keep the same one.

      I have had many Cast Member friends who have come and gone throughout the years who left the Company and then three months later recieved their Comp or Main Gate Passes. Strange, but the Disneyland computer systems don't all talk to each other.

      To answer your question, no it would not jeopardize your chances of re-hiring. You'll be fine.


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        Re: Am I Still In The Running?

        Ah, thanks for the reassurance. I've had many situations while working for the company where the computers have shown their lack of communication. One being where I wanted to trade a day shift for a grad nite shift but was still considered a minor. Another being me putting in my status change request from CR to CT but it not taking effect until 2 months later.

        I know casting is slower than ever right now with the tough times, but I'm still hopeful to find myself working at the resort again sooner rather than later.


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          Re: Am I Still In The Running?

          Also, the Database we use for the Birthdays is a little out of date in some areas. Sometimes it has people who just moved, other times, it wont have people at the address they have lived at for 2+ years.

          And the it will do the really weird ones like put peoples kids down as CM when their parents worked at the Parks like 12 years ago...


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