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  • Custodial Question

    Hello Everyone! I was just hired into Custodial yesterday, I go to sign my papers next week and was told I start early November.. My husband has been bugging me wondering a few things.. His first question is: Does Custodial work in one certain park or can they be in Disneyland one day and California Adventure the next? His second question is: What are the average shift hours? And his final question is: Does costuming assist with the shoes as well as the rest of the clothes?

    Thank you for helping him, and me, since I don't know yet and he is anxious.

    He is applying now, so hopefully he can get a job too so the 1 hour and 20 min drive isn't as bad :P

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    Re: Custodial Question

    I think Custodial stays in one park, thats how it works with the other departments. Your average shift hours will mostlyu be 4 hours a day. You'll get more as you gain seniority, but it will take years before you actually get full 8 hour shifts. And costuming ONLY assists with shoes to Foods, everyone else has to wear black polishable shoes, with no logos, more will be explained to you in Welcome to. I wish you guys luck! And welcome to the family!


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      Re: Custodial Question

      You should also PM kelly, she used to be a custodian at DCA. She could probably help you

      Congrats and good luck!!
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        Re: Custodial Question

        Will you be working "day shift" (wearing White and working mostly when the parks are open) or the "night shift" (wearing Blue and working mostly when the parks are closed)? You were hired into one these two. You should know which one you are on.

        I worked the night shift for a couple of years. Nights were midnight to 8am. My scheduled hours rarely changed. At first, my days off always changed, but my hours were the same.

        I worked before DCA opened, but my understanding is that each park has their own custodial staff and they don't change parks. Being new, you may work a different area each day in one park. At least that is how it was for me. One day I work in Small Work area. Next day I work in Tomorrowland, next day Frontierland, ect. Sometimes I work work an area for a few days.

        I did work the day shift a few times. Even after working all summer on nights, I was surprised how tired I was after working a day shift. You spend the whole time on your feet walking.

        I would suggest you buy your work shoes now, and start wearing them to break them in. Go on walks.

        I enjoyed working in custodial. I saw much more of the park then I would have if I was working just one restaurant, store or attraction. Good luck and have fun!
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