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  • Just Jack - Character performing

    Ahoy mates !

    So I'll keep this as brief as possible ( I don't want to annoy anyone with my first post)

    In a nut shell - I've been impersonating Johhny Depp/ Captain Jack Sparrow for over three years here in NY City - doing charities, fairs and events of all kinds.

    But a dream of mine has always been to work for Walt Disney World (as Jack specifically) but I have NO idea how to do this.

    I have Checked Disney Auditions regularly and called that ever so unhelpful hot line several times, but neither have been any help.

    So guys - where can I find if they need a Jack and how to audition specifically for that role?

    Cheers and thanks !

    #1 Depp Impersonator on the East Coast !
    (and Disney Nut)

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    Re: Just Jack - Character performing

    Well, since I think the P&P parties are a thing of the past, the only place Jack shows up at WDW is in the Pirate Tutorial. They've already got a handful of people cast, and since they only need one a day, they're set for now. Your best bet is to keep checking the website every so often and hope you'll stumble across something. People like seeing him in the Halloween parade, so who knows, maybe once the MK decides to get a new parade Jack will have a spot in it? Once the new movie debut gets closer, there might be a few more opportunities for you!


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