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Scheduling an Appointment for Interview.


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  • Scheduling an Appointment for Interview.

    I have a dilemma..I'm currently in high school and just got an email back from Disney saying that I should schedule an interview. Problem is, I don't know if I should skip my last two classes to make it in time for the 4 o'clock interview with the hectic commute during rush hour and all.. Do you guys suppose the group interviewing me would ask where I go to school and how I made a commute during rush hour if my last period ends at 2:45? I just don't want to show that I ditch classes. Like anyone else, I wanna put my best foot forward. Do you think they'd mind if I skipped classes to make it to the interview?

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    Re: Scheduling an Appointment for Interview.

    They aren't going to ask you that detailed of a question about the commute and how you got there with school. They will simply ask you if you have a reliable form of transportation to get to and from work.
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      Re: Scheduling an Appointment for Interview.

      I agree with the last post.

      My availability is only after 3pm on weekdays due to school and another job. My interview was during the morning last month and they didn't ask about how I was able to be there so early for the interview. (I skipped school and took off from my other job.)

      They only want to know if you have reliable transportation to the job based on the hours you stated you are available.

      BTW... I am not sure if they do group interviews. My interview was one-on-one with a casting recruiter.

      Good luck!!!! Hope you get the job!! :thumbup:
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        Re: Scheduling an Appointment for Interview.

        Awesome! Thanks you guys! I'm pretty nervous..I'm gonna have a mock interview with my principal on Tuesday..and, quite frankly, I'm even more nervous for the mock interview than the real one on Friday. hahah. What kind of questions should I expect during my interview with Disney?


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          Re: Scheduling an Appointment for Interview.

          From what I remember, questions are along these lines. If you've never had a job before, you can draw answers from your school or extracurricular activities:

          Name a time when you gave excellent guest service.

          What would you do if a guest started yelling at you while you were trying to help him/her with a problem?

          What do you think your biggest strength/weakness is?

          Why do you want to work here?

          The interviewer wants to see if you're friendly and have a pleasant manner. It's okay to be a little nervous, but that should dissipate once the interview is under way. Avoid babbling and interrupting, which are two more good reasons to have answers ready to the above questions. Good luck!


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            Re: Scheduling an Appointment for Interview.

            Awesome! Thank you! Do you guys happen to know how long the interview might be? If they happen to like me, would they tell me that I'd be hired before I leave?


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              Re: Scheduling an Appointment for Interview.

              When I interviewed, way back in 1983, it was the basic questions relating to reliable transportation, availability, where you saw yourself cast as a CM at Disneyland, that kind of thing.
              Even though it was REALLY hard to get a job at the park back when I hired in, I was never given a potential scenario and how to handle it as a screening tool. I understand that can happen nowadays.
              Back in the early 80s I would have thought we would get something like that because it was so competitive.
              I can't speak for how things are nowadays, but back then, they were very selective, not so much because of economic issues, but because they paid well, had a great reputation, and so many people just wanted to work there. And you really were cast in a role.
              Just be yourself. Be honest. That's what I did.
              I was fully available as I was taking a semester off from college, I had reliable transportation, came off as very flexible, smiled, and presented in a pleasant, professional, but not phony way.
              When they asked where I saw myself cast as a CM in the Disneyland show, I just told her that I always wanted to work there, and I didn't care where they put me. I just wanted to work for Disney.
              I was assigned to Tomorrowland Attractions.
              Good luck, relax, and just be your natural self.


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                Re: Scheduling an Appointment for Interview.

                Thanks, everyone! Is there going to be a second interview if I do well with the first one? How long does the interview normally last?


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                  Re: Scheduling an Appointment for Interview.

                  When I interviewed, I went to the Casting office in person. They had me fill out both a paper app and the electronic one. A Casting CM interviewed me with another applicant, asking the questions I posted previously (we both answered the same questions).* We were sent out into the hallway to wait, then the interviewer approached us individually to tell us if we were wanted for more interviews.

                  Those of us who stayed were shown into a conference room where we watched a video about how Disney is great and what kind of people they wanted to work there. We were then shown into a computer lab where we took an online personality inventory. Again, we waited outside and those of us who were Disney personality types were asked to stay.**

                  We were called in one by one for interviews. I was asked about the video. More or less, the interviewer wanted to see if you were paying attention to it and to see if you could convince them that you were Disney material. I passed muster and received my offer of employment. I got my first choice, read the job description and agreed that I could do the job. The CM gave me an appointment to come back and complete paperwork, then I was done! I think I floated out the door that day.

                  From other posts, it looks like submitting apps and taking the personality test (the "web interview" I've read about) are done online. If you are called in, be prepared to have the process take all day. I remember a lot of sitting and waiting around.

                  In an effort to provide a succinct description of my interview, I'm afraid that I may appear to be flip. I really did enjoy my time at DLR. I went for an interview because I sincerely believed that I could do a good job there. I think that I did do well and was very happy (and a little surprised, as I am quite cynical) to see how many other CMs (lots of us!) took pride and joy in taking up the Disney service tradition.

                  * I agree with CASurfer65. I don't think they are too interested in getting super compelling responses about your dedication to customer service. It appeared to me that they are trying to see if you seem confident, polite, outgoing or any number of positive traits that will allow them to cast you in the perfect part. Be yourself.

                  **The personality inventory is something you shouldn't try to fake. There are no right or wrong answers. There is only what you think you might do in certain situations, Grasshopper. Be yourself.


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                    Re: Scheduling an Appointment for Interview.

           much as I wanted to get the didn't work out. My interviewer only asked me 3 questions then I left. Nothing went wrong, but she asked me "Why do you want to work here?" "When can you start?" and When do you plan to end?" I told her that I could start June 18th and end August 19th. She then told me that I would have needed to be employed with them for a minimum of 10 weeks. So I didn't go any further with the interview. I could've worked for as long as they needed me if it weren't for college starting the last week of August. Hopefully I can do the DCP. I really appreciate the help you guys sent my way! Thanks!


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                      Re: Scheduling an Appointment for Interview.

                      Bummer! It seems as if you tell them anything less than "I am available to Disneyland 24/7!" they cut you based on availability. That's the first hurdle. Good luck with the DCP.

                      So why do you want you work there (just out of curiosity)?


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                        Re: Scheduling an Appointment for Interview.

                        Sorry to hear that, papercutter. Hang in there, something will play itself out eventually. Just keep at it.


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                          Re: Scheduling an Appointment for Interview.

                          I wanted to work there because I felt like I felt comfortable in that environment. I wanted to make people happy; whether they're from England or from Anaheim, I wanted to make sure they felt better for having visited Disneyland. I felt that I could start by working at the resort as a ride operator and work my way up the ranks to become an Imagineer. Although becoming an Imagineer is a stretch, I felt like it was a step in the right direction. I could gain some experience and develop my people skills further and use that to, not only, help me but others. I just wanted to build a career in making people happy and helping others while being at a place I know and love. haha.

                          Thanks, CASurfer!


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