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Need advice: Getting a job at DLR

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  • Need advice: Getting a job at DLR

    Hi All,

    I've got a family member, an in-law, who is in need of a job. He's asked us to help look for work. I could really use advice and have a few questions answered:

    - Are they currently hiring?

    - General pay information?

    - He's in his 60's, but is as active as a 40 year old. I think he could fit in well based on what I've seen at the park. Age an issue?

    - Steps to look into it further?

    - General advice? The good and the bad?

    Thanks a million for the help!


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    Re: Need advice: Getting a job at DLR

    Hmmm... I'm sure there's a few people here that have some good info on this?



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      Re: Need advice: Getting a job at DLR

      Tell him to go apply and make sure he puts down that he is always available.

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        Re: Need advice: Getting a job at DLR

        They are always hiring. even when they say they aren't, new people are coming in for training all the time but it takes quite a while to get hired there. Apply online Disneyland Job Opportunities | Disneyland Resort| Disney Careers | They also hire LOTS of "older" people, I think because they are more available and sometimes more responsible. After you apply, call the casting center and follow up, then follow up frequently (about every 2 weeks or so) Showing interest I think does matter. But you start go applying online.
        Pay starts at about $9 per hour, only benefits you get is park admission, discounts on food and merch and invitations to special CM previews, events etc. (which we really enjoy)
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          What does he want to do at Disneyland?
          Working in a restaurant at Disneyland will be similar to working in a restaurant outside of Disneyland.
          If he is outgoing, happy and likes people I would encourage him to work in attractions.

          Of course, he won't get rich working there, but he's in his 60s so if he already has some money saved for retirement, Disneyland might be a wonderful place to spend a decade till he can receive max. soc. security benefits.


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            Re: Need advice: Getting a job at DLR

            Age is no barrier. I was 62 when I got hired.

            It was 4 1/2 months between the time I interviewed and the phone call asking me to come in for my start. From what the new hires are telling me, this is still normal.

            If you like interacting with people you have never met before, and enjoy trying to make their day, then I can't imagine a better job. I'm having the time of my life!


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              Re: Need advice: Getting a job at DLR

              Apply for anything that is open. Once you get your foot in the door there are endless opportunities. Age is not an issue, the Walt Disney Co. is an equal opportunity employer and they can't discriminate. An open schedule is a plus because newbie’s work all weekends all holidays and mostly closing shifts. But as time goes by things get better. And one more tip, if you don't like dealing with irate guests who hate you because you are making them follow the rules, then the job will be enjoyable.
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                Re: Need advice: Getting a job at DLR

                My friend applied three months ago as a bellhop for the hotel and he only just heard back from them a few weeks ago to schedule an interview.


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                  Re: Need advice: Getting a job at DLR

                  Thanks thanks thanks everyone! Very helpful info. I will pass it along and help him with it.


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                    Re: Need advice: Getting a job at DLR

                    I wish they'd pay me what I make now, even just a little less.. I would LUV to work at DLR Just couldn't afford to work there even though I could walk to work