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A couple SoCal/transportation/work questions


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  • A couple SoCal/transportation/work questions

    Hey guys,

    Life right now in Vegas is the absolute drizzling [redacted], and I can't take any more of the low humidity and oppressive UVs. Yes, Anaheim has hot summers, but you guys are usually several points below the UV scale for us.

    So, I'd like to apply at Disneyland sometime and move out there, but I don't know if it's really feasible.

    1. What kind of candidates do they usually get, in terms of job experience? The resorts in Vegas seem to want you to have at least six months experience doing the same thing you'll be doing for them. Even bussing tables at a Starbucks will require six mo of bussing tables, preferably at a high-volume Starbucks. And since I don't know anyone who works at the hotels, getting taken seriously there is tough (I can get rejection letters in less than an hour after the interview.)

    I know that Disneyland has all kinds of specialty jobs ranging from the suits in the back building to railroad workers. But what about the average Tom and Tammy?

    2. Can I rely on transit and, if necessary, the occasional or something? I enjoy Not Driving. I am aware that there is nowhere in the southwest US that has a really always-reliable transit system. On average, I spend four hours(!) getting beween home and work every day, sometimes standing around in boiling desert heat. So, I guess what I'm saying is, the whole "ooh, OCTA isn't fun and sometimes a passenger smells a wet dog" thing doesn't scare me.

    When I tried to apply to be a CM in the 90s, I was pretty much turned off at the gate because they had a No Car, No Job policy in place. Today the Casting department seems to be consolidated a bit with the folks in Florida (I know WDW has "better" mass transit connections for CMs), and I have read here that it is apparently illegal for them to not at least make some token steps toward accommodating transiteers.

    3. What's an affordable, reasonably safe place to live near the area? Pretty much speaks for itself. I saw that there seemed to be places for rent right around the park, but for all I know about the region that might be where all the worst elements are.

    On my last trip to DL a few months ago, I took the Metrolink for fun back to D/L from Union Station just to stare out the window and stare at the world going by. The station just before Anaheim, I think, was Fullerton. I kind of liked the "small town main road" thing going on around the station and from what I've read on the town's entries on Wikipedia and elsewhere, they built around the train station with that sort of as the focal point.

    That appealed to my urbanist/livable streets gene, but I figure the people out there already know better.

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    Re: A couple SoCal/transportation/work questions

    Fullerton is a nice city, lots of good restaurants, and hardly any problems (as far as crime). I haven't used the OCTA system, but from what I hear, it's quite convenient and reliable.


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      Re: A couple SoCal/transportation/work questions

      Many of CM's are young just out of high school kids. For many of them, it's their first job. Most of the "front line" CM's come to Disney with little or no experience. They seem to look more at a person's attitude for CM candidates.

      The biggest issue may be late hours worked and the transit system. You will need to check to see how early and how late the trains run. Many CM's come to work before the park opens and many CM's have to work until after the park closes. So, if you are scheduled until midnight, you will need to make sure the trains run that late.
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        Re: A couple SoCal/transportation/work questions

        Originally posted by MickeyMania View Post
        What's an affordable, reasonably safe place to live near the area?
        You should easily be able to rent a small apartment or studio in West Anaheim, Garden Grove, Orange, Fullerton, Brea or Placentia. They're all within a bike ride to DLR. 1 bedrooms go for about $1050 per month or so, but it's relatively easy to find a roommate or room rental for a few hundred.

        I myself carpool with my wife, who works nearby. Not out of need, but more out of the enjoyment of spending a few minutes of quality time in the car with the Mrs to and from work. I also bike to work on occaision. It takes me about 1/2 hour.

        Oh, btw, Disney gives commuter incentives to its cast members, so commuting (walking, biking, carpooling, etc) earns you a few extra bucks every month.


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          Re: A couple SoCal/transportation/work questions

          I live in Orange, and if you're close to a main avenue such as Katella, Ball, or even Chapman avenue, the bus system will be much easier for you. Changing buses is what takes the longest, is what I found with OCTA when I rode it to DL pre-car (as a guest). A straight shot, especially on Katella or Ball, would be pretty convenient. Also, the line that goes up and down Harbor runs pretty often and pretty late, so living along Harbor would be super easy, in terms of OCTA.

          Orange also has a small train station, and I believe some of the stops are in Anaheim near the Angels Stadium), however, depending on where you live in Orange, you might be nearly that close already, as the Stadium is pretty darn close to Orange city limit.

          I applied back in February, had an interview in June, got my job offer in late August, and have Traditions Sept 17, so I would NOT move here until you got the job or ANOTHER job somewhere else, because it could take months.

          Not sure how expensive Vegas is, but I consider this area pretty damn expensive. If you are young, there are lots of college students in Fullerton and Orange looking for roomates, however.
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