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DLR job interview questions


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  • DLR job interview questions

    Hey Guys,

    I know that a few of the people that post here are CMs, so I just wanted to ask you if you could answer a few questions about disneyland's interview and hiring process. I have already filled out an application to work at disney, completed the online interview, and have been scheduled for an interview - which will take place this week. My main questions are - what kind of questions did your interviewer ask you? How long was your interview? How long after the interview did they let you know if you were hired? How difficult do you think it is to get hired (esp. if you haven't had a job in the past)? How long was it between when you got hired and when you started work (while browsing online I heard someone say that it took nearly a month - hopefully that's an exageration)?

    I'm sorry if my questions are a bit overwhelming. I'm just anxious as I, obviously, would like to work with Disneyland. Hopefully, you can help me out - I'd really appreciate it.

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    Re: DLR job interview questions

    I filled out my app in early spring and was scheduled an interview in June.

    When you get there for the live interview (be sure to be 15-30 minutes early), a group of interviewees (for all different parts and positions of the resort) and yourself will be led into a room, where a CM will welcome you, answer some questions, show a quick movie, and then answer some more questions.

    After this, you'll be led back and you'll have your "real" interview. They'll ask you some questions like:
    - Why do you want to work for the Disneyland Resort?
    - What is your first choice of work (i.e. Attractions, ODV, etc.) and why?
    - Describe a situation when you handled a customer complaint.
    - Describe a situation when a member of your group wasn't pulling their own weight.
    - What do you have to offer for the Disneyland Resort?
    ...And I got asked:
    - What is your favorite Disney character and why?

    They'll tell you almost immediately whether or not you got hired... if they hire you, they'll show you their options available. For example, my top choices were:
    1. Attractions
    2. Outdoor Vending
    3. Custodial
    However, at the time, only Outdoor Vending and Parking were hiring... so I took Outdoor Vending (I don't regret it!). If they don't have what you like, then you can wait and cross your fingers that a position opens.

    If they don't hire you on the spot (and say they'll keep in touch), then call them EVERY DAY to find out the condition of your application to ensure that they remember you!

    Once hired, you'll return back within the next couple of days to fill out more paperwork and schedule your Traditions/Day One training. I filled out my paperwork exactly a week later, and had my traditions class five days later, my Day One training the next day, and I started the next week.

    The entire hiring process took about an hour. The Cast Members there are incredible and know that the majority of people being hired are nervous. Just be sure to wear as professional as you can (I'm a guy and I wore my entire suit--definitely won points from the interviewer).

    Good luck!
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      Re: DLR job interview questions

      If they don't have a job you desire but offer you another position, take it and after 6 months you can apply to transfer to other depts. Once you get "on the inside" you'll start to find all kinds of ways to move around if you want to.
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        Re: DLR job interview questions

        Hey ttztotdca50,

        Thank you for your reply! All the information that you gave me was really helpful, especially examples of the questions they asked you. Anyway, I made it through the interview and they said that they would put me on a waiting list - and that they would start hiring around mid september. So it appears that I'll get a job there.

        Thanks again.


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          Re: DLR job interview questions

          Over 2 months between my interview and job offer! I called my interviewer once a week after the interview, left a message, and didn't get a call back.
          She was enthusiastic in the interview and said I'd be a good fit (my recommended departments were Attractions and Entertainment Costuming), but neither were actively hiring or have any job space. She said Attractions would likely be first to hire, but it had been so long that I kind of wrote DLR off and was applying other places.
          I guess I just got put in the "to hire" stack, but that stack was so big that it took 2 months for it to be my turn.
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