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Disneyworld Transportation- UCF?

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  • Disneyworld Transportation- UCF?

    Hello all!

    I'm a newly admitted cast member, and I go to UCF. I was wondering if anyone else goes here too, and can give me advice on transportation. So far I'm going to rely on the lynx bus route (gross), but maybe we can all get a carpooling thread started?

    If you don't want to tell me where you're from around UCF on here, that's okay you can always PM me on the forum. Thanks!

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    Re: Disneyworld Transportation- UCF?

    does WDW provide bus passes like anaheim does? here, they are free and expire 1 year to the day you get them. Public transportation isn't hot, but free/low cost is! I'm not in florida, so I don't know what the lynx bus route is!

    Maybe the "discomfort" (if that's what lynx is) of taking public transport is offset by disney providing it to you for free? Certainly a big cost savings!