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Re-hire needs advice, please. :)


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  • Re-hire needs advice, please. :)

    Hello all, My name's Jase (Jason, take your pick!) and I worked for the Disneyland Resort last year, from May to July, at Gibson Girl and Coke Corner as a QSR. The reason I left two months after being rehired is a family medical emergency where my mother needed me during her recovery period.

    My 6 months to reapply were done in January and since then I've been keeping a close eye on openings to go back. I have a restricted rehire status meaning I can work again apparently, but not at Main Street Foods. Honestly they could put me anywhere and I'd be fine with it, even Custodial.

    Now that they just announced a new round of PT Attractions and Hotel Front Desk openings, I REALLY want to get my foot in the door again. Is there anything I can do to quicken the process or get them to notice me? Should I keep calling Casting and tell them I'm interested?

    I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you!

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    Re: Re-hire needs advice, please.

    Honesty is always the best, especially with the medical emergency.

    Eddie: You mean to tell me you could have taken your hand out of those cuffs at any time?
    Roger: Not at any time. Only when it's funny.



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