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How Do You Become A Techie At Disneyland???

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  • How Do You Become A Techie At Disneyland???

    It's always my dream to become a Tech at Disneyland. I love the backstage aspects of shows and know how to work it. Anyone know what education background I need to become a Tech? thanks in advance!!
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    Re: How Do You Become A Techie At Disneyland???

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      Re: How Do You Become A Techie At Disneyland???

      What type of education is needed?? What is the major, or course of study for it?
      I Get In. I Get Out. I Never Get Noticed!
      - From "Prep And Landing"


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        Re: How Do You Become A Techie At Disneyland???

        I'm not a 'techie' (not my preferred term, to be honest) for Disney, but I worked 7 years for SeaWorld in San Diego before getting hired by Cirque du Soleil. What's your area of expertise and/or greatest interest? Generally speaking there are 2 main routes you can go- either go to college and study up, build contacts, work productions, and post-grad get out there and slog it out. The other is to spend your post-high school years learning on the job as a lowly tech slogging it out. It used to be that the latter route was how your cut your teeth in the industry as a technician, but there have been so many rapid advances in the field in the last few years. The industry is evolving constantly and you have to be prepared to move along with it. Lighting technicians like me nowadays are spending more and more time building networks and mapping projectors, and we still have to be able to haul miles of feeder cable. Video and lighting are becoming more and more integrated, audio is rapidly moving out of the analog age into the digital realm, even rigging is becoming absorbed by automation!

        My main point is, you have to do your homework and ask yourself the really important questions:

        Do you have any sort of life? Friends with whom you like to hang out, spending nights and weekends together?

        Do you have a significant other? Will they mind not seeing you at hours that would be considered reasonable by everyday standards?

        Will they mind not seeing you at all for days on end?

        Do you have any fear of heights, darkness, small spaces, loud noises, or any combination thereof?

        Are you physically fit? It's not really a requirement but it certainly makes load-in and load-out easier.

        Are you prepared to work in an industry where work is not necessarily guaranteed past the opening of the show?

        Do you call in sick to work, ever?

        Seriously, how are you with heights?

        Does a schedule that starts at 5 PM and ends at 4 PM work with your disposition?

        Does working alongside a guy with 4 fingers on each hand named "Stubs" concern you?

        Does working alongside men who smell bad, and women who take pride in smelling worse, concern you?

        How are you in pressure situations? As in, "if you don't get the PA working in 3 minutes, we're going to lose $4,000,000.00 and you'll be getting a bus ticket home" type situations?

        If you're good with all that, welcome to the family!

        If not, well...the world of entertainment needs ushers, too

        *I'm kidding...sort of. PM me if you have more questions.
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