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Scariest/Creepy Backstage Area??????


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  • Scariest/Creepy Backstage Area??????

    Leaving Stadium Vending heading down the tunnel towards the horses I made a left thinking I could cut through, but no chance. Ended up in a dead end and pitch black with my drink cart! Totally dark and stinky fron the horses.. Maybe in the daytime I could have pushed my way through but at 12:00am in the AM it's hard to see.
    *Anyone else with a similiar story?

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    when I worked in '96, the Innoventions building was just a shell... very creepy at night
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      I would love to have seen innoventions as a shell... (and the storage the building was after America signs before the innoventions...)


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        3rd floor of the stockroom at Star Trader. Those who are "sensitive to energies" will probably agree with me on this one.
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          The area under innoventions where that CM was killed in the 70s. It's hard to explain, but there is lots of 60s and 70s style grafiti and a chair that has been pushed far back to an area that is too small for someone to sit in. There is writing on the wall that says that this is where the ghost of the dead CM's REALLY REALLY REALLY freaky... Especially in that dank dunnel....
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            the old dominguez house, behind big thunder ranch. Please tell me more, I like to spend my free time at work ghost hunting.
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              The upstairs/attic areas of NOS are pretty creepy...especially at night.


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                I find the tunnel from Fantasyland Theater that goes between Fantasyland and Frontierland with it's raw sewage smell and the rats and the bugs to be one of the worst places to linger... not so much creepy as it is revolting.
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                  My uber creepy moment was in the mid 80s when we used to have to change the marque on Harbor. They never would send women out to do it because Harbor was so dangerous in the middle of the night but I was one of the few people left who was allowed to drive a scooter. Luckily I had a male escort! The marquee was on this little island and even though Harbor and the toll entrance were right beside it, it was still quiet & errie.

                  Second creepy - the old tunnel under Pirates that went to the smaller lunch area backstage. I can't remember the name of it since I only had to go there once but WOW talk about freaky.


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