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Waiting to hear back from Disney after an audition!

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  • Waiting to hear back from Disney after an audition!

    Hello Everyone! I am brand new to MiceChat, and wasn't able to find a thread that answers my question, so I thought I would start up a new one. I hope that's okay.

    I auditioned to play a face character at Disney World in February of this year. My audition went VERY well; I made it all the way through without being cut. However, I was not hired on the spot. (I stated that I was not available to begin work until May 2011 on my audition form... I don't know if that has affected it... but now I wish I had not!)
    I am now waiting to hear back from them, and could hear any time up until August 24th. Is this normal? Is it a bad sign that I haven't heard anything yet? I have started to fear that they won't contact me at all. (I'm sure any of you who have auditioned have felt the awful pain of the post-Disney-audition-waiting-game.

    I have heard a rumor that if you make it all the way through the audition without being cut you are basically hired, they just have to wait until a position opens up for you. Do any of you know if this is true?

    Does anyone have any advice, input, or words of wisdom for me? I so appreciate it!


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    Re: Waiting to hear back from Disney after an audition!

    Welcome to Micechat! Im not the person to answer this. But goodluck on getting a spot Hope you make it!!/michael.ebba


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      Re: Waiting to hear back from Disney after an audition!

      Did you make it to costuming and make up? From what I have heard or read, but haven't experienced it myself, once they costume you and take pictures of you, they must then send off your picture to be apporved as a face character. They send it to California and it could take a while for it to be approved. As for the availability you put in, I am not sure if that has any effect or not. Sorry