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Question re: Disney Cruise Character Performers


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  • Question re: Disney Cruise Character Performers

    Hi all,

    Hope I'm posting in the right place here, and I hope someone will be able to help me out.

    I've got a very exciting opportunity, but also a small dilemma.

    I was hired to be part of the cast for the next Disney Dreams cruise to play Captain Jack Sparrow, the voice of Crush (animated turtle from Finding Nemo), and Goofy! I'm really excited about it!

    BUT, the snag is that I've double-booked myself with another gig that I've already partially committed to and will conflict with the dates. So its one or the other.

    Between the two my automatic inclination is to do the Disney gig because I love Disney and I think its an awesome opportunity.

    BUT being a recent university graduate with loads of student debt to pay off, I need to decide based on what's financially smart rather than what my heart would rather do (at least for now)

    Only issue is, when I called to get the details of the Disney job, all they would give me were the dates the contract would run from. The person I spoke with told me I would find out more information from the casting director regarding wage and hours once I confirm my interest and availability.

    I've read online something like Character Performers are only paid $10 an hour... is this the case?

    Also, the rehearsals are taking place in a city I'm not from. Disney will put me up somewhere right? I'm not expected to find and pay for that on my own, am I?

    Since the wage is what is going to determine whether or not I'm available, I'm left stuck in a bit of a pickle. Can anybody shed some light on the situation?
    • What is the wage like for a Character Performer on the Disney Dreams Cruise (specifically Jack Sparrow, Crush, Goofy)
    • How many hours on average would I be able to work a week?
    • Is it Disney's responsibility to provide living accommodations for me during rehearsals?

    Also, from my research it looks like Jack Sparrow does a live show on the Dreams cruise. Would I be getting to do this in addition to the meet and greet stuff?

    If anyone has any ideas or any answers to any of my questions, you'd have my many thanks

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