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Annual pass holder turned cast member

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  • Annual pass holder turned cast member

    I was just recently hired to be a cast member at DCA. It works out perfectly because my Pass ends this week. I've heard of cast member black out dates, Are there many blackout dates for cast members or just major holidays? Is it worth renewing my pass? Thanks for the help and I can't wait to start working!!!!
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    Re: Annual pass holder turned cast member


    block out days are not that frequent and they really are on days that you just DONT want to be there anyway - most likely you'll be working on the days that are blocked out. It just means you can't sign anyone else in at extremely busy times. but it's never been a problem for us.
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      Re: Annual pass holder turned cast member

      Look on the hub under the complimentary admission tab for exact block out dates, it's generally only for Blue Pass Main Gate Sign In's.

      Your cast id will work for just you almost all 365 days a year, when the park reaches capacity the first to get blocked out are cast members (but why would you want to go on a day like that anyways?) Cast ID block out dates are rare, maybe 5 days out of the entire year will be blocked out for CM's, if that.


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        Re: Annual pass holder turned cast member

        Your CM id will work for you whenever you want in usually. You can always check the HUB for info and for blockout dates when your Main Entrance Pass isn't allowed to sign in friends or family.