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Scheduling and other things...


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  • Scheduling and other things...

    I know these questions have been asked before and I did find some conflicting answers to these but I thought I'd try to get some updated answers for clarification...

    anyway on to the questions:

    I've read on other threads that sometimes they schedule you when you have class even though you marked unavailable for that day, is this true? I'm a full time student, I stated this in my interview and the only days I listed that I couldn't work were 6pm-10pm on mon and thursday, full morning availability those days and 24 hrs every other day. I'm currently wait listed so I've just been lurking all the job threads >.> which has sparked a bit of paranoia lol...

    I've also read that you should make your scheduler your best friend and go meet them personally to build a relationship with them.
    I just want confirmation really.

    My second question is:

    Is the don't date disney policy true? I've read in various places that disney forbids any CM + CM dating. Then again, when the bf was at traditions they said you were allowed to ask other CM's out but if they said no once then not to pursue them.
    My family's friend who's been there for 30 years met her husband there so I'm not sure what's right or wrong. I just don't want my outside relationship to go against any rules. I know there's no PDA--that's a standard rule.

    Anyways, today's the one month mark since applying [=

    Thanks in advance to the responses!

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    Re: Scheduling and other things...

    2. You can date with in Disney. Just remember asking more then once is considered sexual harassment . Now is it a no no for you to work in the same area, probably but ill wait on rivers of America to chime in with a more concrete answer


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      Re: Scheduling and other things...

      1. Well, it depends. This really depends on your department. But in general you SHOULD be okay. Where folks usually run into problems is having to work too late on Sundays. Only having restricted availability for the evenings on 2 weekdays a week? I don't forsee any issues.

      Re: Making your scheduler your best friend. There is a difference, and a common misconception of what a scheduler is. There are 2 types. There is the PRODUCTION SCHEDULER. This is the person who actually slots in cast members and writes the schedules, essentially. They are the ones responsible for getting the schedule out. These are not people who you will generally be having really any interaction with.
      Then there are the STAGE SCHEDULERS, also sometimes called SHIFT LEADS. These are the people you should get to know. These are the people who essentially maintain the schedule throughout the day. They handle all the call-outs and are the ones responsible for calling-in cast to fill empty shifts. These are also the folks who handle the shift change requests. They still have restrictions though, and can't be expected to work miracles. They literally have hundreds of requests thrust at them on a daily basis.

      2. Don't Date Disney is NOT true. Go ahead, just remember sexual harassment standards are the same as any business. Also if your relationship goes sour, you may end still be forced being stuck in the same area with them. That's why some folks recommend against it.
      Officially Disney WILL eventually split relationships up, but really this only is when at least one of the members is in a leadership position (such as a Lead). You won't get fired or reprimanded if you come clean; but someone will have to be moved to another area. It happens fairly frequently, and is not generally a big deal.
      Cast Members dating Managers, is a no-no, though. Especially in the same area.
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        Re: Scheduling and other things...

        Thanks for the helpful insight, Wally [=.
        I hope it never becomes an issue as I was completely honest in my application and he was listed as a family/friend/spouse or whatever it said on the application form so they are aware that we know each other, and hopefully none of the negative above happens (=

        Thanks again for the info!


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