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Question for current/former Character Look-Alikes


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  • Question for current/former Character Look-Alikes

    So, I really want to be a Character Look-Alike... I know there are crappy things about it, but overall it seems like a wonderful place to work. I have a few questions for anyone that is currently doing it or has done it in the past...

    My main problem is that I don't think I could be a "face-exposed character," such as a prince. I'm not bad looking or anything, but I am really skinny. Is it possible to be a "head-costume-only" character?

    What characters are available for a 5'11" male? I've read that men sometimes play female characters, especially the skinnier guys... I don't have a problem with that.

    What are auditions like and what should someone do to prepare for it? I'm driving about 9 hours in February for one, and I want to put my best foot forward and hopefully make the drive worthwhile.

    I've thought of many other questions before, but they are escaping me at the moment... I''l post them as I think of them.

    Thanks everyone in advance. I appreciate the help!

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    Re: Question for current/former Character Look-Alikes

    I've spent hours reading threads about face character auditions. Yes, you can be just a costumed character (aka fur).
    This is your best bet.


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