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I got a phone interview to the Disney College Program! :]


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  • I got a phone interview to the Disney College Program! :]

    My interview is next Friday 3/02!
    • What should I do to prepare for this interview?

    To those who have already gotten into the College Program past or present:
    • What questions do they ask for the interview?

    I am so excited and I'm freaking out! Haha.

    Thank you everyone<3 Love you all! (:

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    Re: I got a phone interview to the Disney College Program! :]


    Congrats! That is super exciting. I don't really know what the college program is.. is it like the internships they do? Either way, I wish you lots of luck and hope you do wonderful.

    I can't be much help as to what they ask.. but I'll say that regardless of if something is in person or on the phone, be presentable. It puts you in a good frame of mind. Also, prepare some questions for them as well.


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      Re: I got a phone interview to the Disney College Program! :]

      Thank you so much (: Yeah, the DCP is a paid internship! I'm really nervous about the phone interview, but I've been researching the type of questions that they're likely to ask and write down some notes to help me during the internship! Thank you so much for the support (: It means a lot to me!


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        Re: I got a phone interview to the Disney College Program! :]

        It sounds like you're well prepared then. I think one of my main policies when I go into an interview is to be myself. A lot of interviewers are actually looking for a fit or personality match. (Note: In most interview training, you will learn not to interview someone for personality, but for skill alone.. in practice, this is usually very different.) Regardless, most people can do the job, you just need to win them over with who you are.

        My personality is a bit on the humorous side. I tend to make small jokes or say things that might make the other person laugh or smile. If someone smiles or likes you, you have won 90% of the time. Take this as just my opinion though, I wouldn't say it applies everywhere. I've been on maybe 4 interviews in my life but I've interviewed over 100 people..


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