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Working at Disneyland & School


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  • Working at Disneyland & School

    I've had the idea of working at Disneyland for a while now, but I was wondering on how flexible the schedules are for a student (I'm a senior in HS.) I've looked over the online application and am interested in working part-time. I'm also looking into the "busser/steward" positions and was wondering what the main difference between "Food & Beverage" and "Fine Dining" is for this position because I've seen it a couple of times. (I've assumed fine dining must be 'fancier'.) (: Does experience really determine my chance of getting the job? Because I have no previous experience at a job whatsoever, I've just begun to look into getting one.

    Thanks, hoping to hear from people who have been through this!

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    Re: Working at Disneyland & School

    From previous threads that I've read on this site about scheduling and school, it seems like it depends on which department you're in and if the scheduler is willing to work with you. Having not experienced it myself, I can't tell you how true/untrue that is.

    If you don't need a job right away, you might want to consider the college program which you can apply for during your first semester of college. You get two set days a week off that you can schedule your classes for. You also get to do cool activities like laser tag and behind the scenes tours of space mountain, tower of terror, and walt's apartment.

    I'm starting the college program in May and personally, it'll be nice to know which days I'll need to schedule my classes for once school starts back up in August.

    Hope some of this helps
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