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Pixar In Concert (Or General Question About Booking Days Off)


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  • Pixar In Concert (Or General Question About Booking Days Off)

    I just noticed the Pixar in Concert taking place at the Hollywood Bowl and I really have to go.
    Has Disney offered any sort of discounts or anything for it to cast members?

    In relation to wanting a night off to go to the concert, I like going to lots of concerts.
    At my old job, it was easy to, months in advance when tickets went on sale, buy tickets and then request I have that 1 night off. And it was no problem cause I was still available 6 other days for the week.
    Maybe I'll find this out in orientation, but what is Disney like in terms of asking for a day off once or twice a month in advance?
    Can you put requests in and if so, do they usually get approved?
    There is already a few concerts I want to purchase tickets for, but I can't because I don't know if I'll be working.
    And I don't like waiting because many sell out and some already are.

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    Re: Pixar In Concert (Or General Question About Booking Days Off)

    Unless it falls within your window for Pre-Approved Vacations, all your time-off requests that placed in time before the schedule is made will be treated equally.

    What you seem to want to be requesting is simply a Shift Request rather than an ADO (since you are looking to change your days off rather than request additional days off). Unfortunately, you will not know whether your request is granted until that particular schedule comes out.

    How often they get approved will depend on your seniority, department, business cycle, and scheduled shift time. Sorry, but without more information I cannot make more than a vague guess.
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