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Can any cast member answer this, please.


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  • Can any cast member answer this, please.

    Today I was really busy before I got off work, and after finally leaving, I realized on the drive on I forgot to clock out. I went to check on the hub my schedule and it said the hours I worked were "unpaid" because I forgot to clock out.

    What should I do about this?

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    Re: Can any cast member answer this, please.

    I'm not sure about Disney's specific time frame, but you may have to give the system 24-48 hours to update, and THEN you should be able to fix it online. Currently it just thinks you're working a REALLLLY long time!
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      Re: Can any cast member answer this, please.

      If your managers are anything like mine, you'll be meeting with them sometime soon about this issue


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        Re: Can any cast member answer this, please.

        If you don't make a habit out of it; nothing. Part of the manager's responsibilities are to clean up things in Workbrain to make sure their cast is paid properly, and also make sure their labor is balanced. It will be fixed, unless their are any real extenuating circumstances your shift will simply be fixed to end at the time of your normal scheduled shift time.

        That being said, you might be talked with. For one thing, it's more work for them. Plus it gets dicey in that there is no record of when you stopped working, which means it's possible you were working after your shift time and were not getting paid for it which is a clear labor violation and not something any manager wants to be found guilty of.

        In short. First time? You're fine, and it'll be fixed. You'll be paid correctly, and at the most may receiving a coaching.
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