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  • Non Rehire Status Help Please...

    Hi i go by the name of jerry and i just joined this forum. I am desperatly trying to get hired back into Disneyland and i dont know what are my best chances of getting in. I do still know some of the managers that work there but just there names.
    But first let me tell you how i got my status. I got hired through a ROP class i was taking when i was in high school back in early 2007 and got hired mid 2007 after doing free work for school credits. I was there for 1 month away from 1 year from the date they started paying me which was mid 2007, so almost 1 year. Reason why i got fired a so called friend stole a iphone from another cast member in the locker rooms, He told me to unlock it for him since i have some knowledge with electronics but was my first time with a iphone on my hand since they were just released at that time. He told me it was his if i knew it wasnt i would of never took it. So long story short since i had no idea it was stolen i asked another cast member that knew about electronics to help me unlock it or what i could do. Little did i know half the castmemebers there including the person i told to help me knew a iphone was stolen earlier that day from a castmember that works in our are, Keep in mind i had no idea of this or i wouldnt be asking no one for help or showing it.
    So he asked me to give him the serial number of the phone and little did i know he used that to trace it back to the owner from the apple store and i got caught with it.

    They think i stole it. I didnt say it was the other cast member because i felt either way i was gonna get fired so i took the hit for it. All that i know is that when i came back from my suspension all the guy told me is i would never be able to hire back into disney

    I dont even know if its a non rehire status but i am assuming it is since i dont know how to check that. I have been applying every year since then sometimes twice a year. I just miss it.

    I have been trying to get in since 2008 but i never knew how to fight it or whats my best option. I really would love to get back into disney it was my first job and i loved it and i more then regreat the mistake i did for taking the blame on it to later find out if i would of said the truth i wouldnt of gotten fired.

    My apologies if this is in the wrong section i didnt know where to post it. I really hope you can help me as i am desperate to get back in and make it back in to pursue a higher position there and be happy how i use to be.

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    Re: Non Rehire Status Help Please...

    So basically, you were fired for being in possession of stolen property.

    You most llikely have no rehire status. You are allowed to appeal this once a year. You can get this form from Casting. Once you appeal, the no rehire status committee reviews your information and notifies you in 4 to 6 weeks if your no rehire status is lifted or not.

    But honestly, I think you are probably done at DLR.



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      Re: Non Rehire Status Help Please...

      Not the reply I wanted to hear :/
      but I know there has been worse out there that have gotten a second chance.
      And yes stolen property. I am really up to do my best to get in and prove I deserve a second chance over a stupid mistake I did long ago.


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