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Paranoid about probationary period


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  • Paranoid about probationary period

    Hello all,

    I recently was hired and have been working for over a month now. I love working for Disney and everything has been great so far. However, I can't shake what's always on the back of my mind, and that is I'm on the 120 day probationary period. This means that if I am late too many times or have any guest complaints on record, they might let me go. Now, I have neither of these so far, so that is a good thing. But, I have heard from a few other CMs that some guests will go out of their way to complain if you are not upholding the Disney standard of guest service. This makes me worried that if I happen to shown any sign of discomfort or I miss seeing a kid wave to me, therefore I don't wave back...those kind of things...then the guest will go to complain. The being late thing I can avoid by always showing up on time. The other thing that worries me that another CM has told me is that you won't know about the guest complaint for maybe 2 weeks or so after the complaint has been made in some cases.

    My question for any of you is have you ever had any guest complaints? If so, were they during your probationary period?

    Thank you for any responses

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    Re: Paranoid about probationary period

    The fact that you're worrying, means you care and you are trying. Paradoxically that means you really have nothing to worry about. I've never had any guest complaints stick (I had 1 call from city hall, but a manager backed me up because they witness incident and noted that the guest was lying, so it was dropped), but things get investigated.

    Disney doesn't hire people to fire them. Probationary period basically just means you don't have the full union protection behind you yet, so it's like any other job. Do a good job, and you're fine. They've already spent thousands of dollars hiring and training you, it won't be thrown away for something so trivial as forgetting to wave at a child once.

    Also, there is common sense. There are roles where guest complaints WILL happen. Be the guy who has to explain why we've run out of ECVs today, or that someone's little boy is to short to ride Space Mountain, or you can't pass through this direction and stand here during fireworks. Complaints are investigated and dealt with common sense. If you had a complaint against you, and you are found to be upholding the companies guidelines while using discrection and keep reasonably pleasant, there is no reason for them to dismiss you.

    Basically, they aren't gunning to fire you. Enjoy working for the mouse.
    "If we cut the budget are you going to be the one standing at the exit explaining to guests why the ride they just rode is a piece of crap?" - - John Lasseter


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      Re: Paranoid about probationary period

      Originally posted by Wally View Post
      Disney doesn't hire people to fire them. Probationary period basically just means you don't have the full union protection behind you yet, so it's like any other job. Do a good job, and you're fine.
      Like he said...every job has a probationary period. I work in an office, behind a desk and I had a probationary period of 90 days. After that, my medical insurance and other perks kicked it. That period is there for both employee and employer. I've left a job before my probationary period before because it just simply wasn't for me.

      Just do your best and enjoy it. You will do fine

      Ta Da!


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