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  • Wait listed

    hey all!
    im "new" here! i hope youre all doing well on this pleasant monday morning!

    any ways, i worked in Merch 2006 & had to leave due to a difficult pregnancy.
    fast forward to 2013, i applied to work there for vacation planner,custodial or greeter. I am being considered for custodial & park greeter. i was waitlisted Feb 21. Any one know about how long the waitlist is? This is so new to me! when i worked in merch, i was hired same day.

    any insight would be appreciated! thank you!

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    Re: Wait listed


    how exciting to return to the parks, hope your wait list is short


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      Re: Wait listed

      thank you! I hope it is short too!


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        Re: Wait listed

        As far as I understand, being put on the waitlist usually means you have a very good chance of being called back. It really depends on when they need you, I suppose. You could be playing the waiting game for several hours to the whole six months - but I've heard of more cases of hearing back as opposed to not hearing back. Crossing my fingers for you!


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          Re: Wait listed

          Thank you!
          Every thing I have read thus far,they were called was months,days,hours(lucky!) but they WERE called back.
          Off topic but I was wait listed what would have been my 7th anniversary with DLR
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