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DLR: Immediate Openings e-mail


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  • DLR: Immediate Openings e-mail

    Hi everyone! About a month ago I had my one-on-one interview. It went really well, but I was put on a waiting list. Last Friday (around 5 P.M.), I received an email saying that there are positions available that potentially match my interest as discussed in the face to face interview. Also it says to respond to that email with my name, phone number, and best time/day to reach me. It also says it could take up to 2 business days for a recruiter to respond. Well, I responded to the email immediately after I received it (which was right when the casting center had closed) and was wondering if this is an email basically stating I got the job? I don't want to get over excited, but this seems like a really good sign!! Thank you for any responses.

    UPDATE: I called the casting center on Monday and they directed me to a recruiter's voicemail where I left my name and phone number. It's now Wednesday and I haven't heard anything yet. Is there reason to panic? Cause on the email it says it may take up to 2 days for a recruiter to contact you. Ergh, I'm nervous.
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    Re: DLR: Immediate Openings e-mail

    hey there!

    Earlier today I got an Immediate Openings e-mail too! Literally in almost the same manner you did. It was sent to me right after they closed, and I responded within two hours (I went to go eat:P).

    Did you ever get the call back? I'm nervous about missing the call, I'm hoping to get it tomorrow, but apparently it might be Thursday because it takes time for the recruiter to respond.

    I've been jumping around the room celebrating what I believe to be something technically stating I got the job, but again, I'm really really nervous this might not actually be it. What's your status with DLR now?


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