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How can I get to do traditions??


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  • How can I get to do traditions??

    Hello fellow CM's and what not I have a question. I've been seeing a lot of new kids doing traditions and welcome to over the last couple of months and was curious as to how I can get involved in that. How can I be the guy who takes people on tours and guides new CMs through the day?

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    Re: How can I get to do traditions??

    They will put out notifications for Traditions instructor openings. It's a one-year job that is in coincidence with your regular role (basically, you stay in the role you're in unless you have a Traditions class scheduled that day). From what I know it's a competitive process.


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      Re: How can I get to do traditions??

      When I worked at Disneyland I was a "Traditions Trainer/Facilitator" I'll break it down for you!
      - They'll pass flyers out in your area for "Traditions Trainers" or "Disney University Trainers"
      (these will be in your area's management office or lead office, they'll also be in the Old Admin Building on the 2nd floor by the schedules) and at the Learning Centers.
      - You must be a Cast Member (without any coachings or verbals) for 6 months, if you've been with Disneyland for 6 months but you have issues with your record, you'll have to wait for the next round of postings.
      - If/When you become a Traditions Facilitator you will still be working in your area, your availability has to be very open because You'll still have to commit a few days a week in your home department as well as 1-2 days a week with the Disney University, and you can't exceed 40 hours unless it's approved by your management (which usually will never happen)
      When I was with the Disney University, I would work 4 week days in my area, and the Weekend in TDA doing Traditions.
      - Talk to your management ASAP (like on your next shift) about interest in becoming a Traditions Facilitator, they like to know - That way, when you ask them to sign your recommendation it doesn't come as a surprise to them.
      - Go into a learning center and ask the people working in there about it, what to expect, and if they know when they'll be posting for Trainers (and be nice to them) because those people working in the Learning Centers are all traditions/disney university trainers!
      - When you do interview for Traditions, PRACTICE. You really have to know the company in and out, the interview process is a difficult one
      - After you've interviewed for Traditions, wait a day or two and personally go into TDA and Thank the Disney University Managers, this will separate you from the rest.
      - If you're not on good terms with your management, they most likely won't support you doing Traditions and they'll say no. I was very well liked in my home department and my Managers HATED the Disney University because it took me away from them for two days and didn't support me being there much. However.........This is an advantage to you in the beginning because your Disney University Interviewer is most likely very good friends with your Area Manager and will ask them how your work ethic is.

      People will say this is a difficult process because you HAVE to be a role model Cast Member in your area, always pick up shifts for others, always be smiling, don't talk about getting laid and how much dank weed you blazed over the weekend in the break area, always be early to your shifts and pick up OT if offered, you can't be sluggish in your work and you have to do your current job at DL good, you really have to put an act on 24/7 once you even have interest in becoming a Traditions/Disney University trainer because the Disney University considers you an Ambassador to The Walt Disney Company and Disneyland. Make sure you're aware that someone is ALWAYS watching you at Disneyland, and it will come back to you in TDA.

      I remember one time I smoked a cigar backstage (in a smoke area) with a few of my fellow cast members in my area to celebrate one of them getting married, as this is totally allowed and not a bad thing, someone saw this and when I arrived to my next Traditions shift, I got a very stern coaching about how "smoking isn't a very Disney thing to do, is it?" I replied with "Well, Walt Smoked right?" yeah, they didn't like that.

      If you have anymore questions, feel free to PM me
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        Re: How can I get to do traditions??

        Thanks so much!


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