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Part Time interview at Disneyland


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  • Part Time interview at Disneyland

    Hello Everyone,

    I have an interview on Monday at Disneyland. I was wondering what kind of interview question? What the process after the one onone interview?

    On March I apply i didnt get a call or a an email.

    My friend works at disneyland she referral me I apply again this time I got an email the same day and I aslo completed web interview. I schelued my interview on Monday. What are my chances on getting hired. My Friend also told me that the position that apply for was taken. What happens in thei case.

    I know that they are going to asked me why do i want to work for disneyland I really dont know how to answer this question. The only thing that I can think of it that the Disneyland is the place were dream comes true. Since I was kid I love coming to the theme park. I would like to be part of this journey to make an intact on other.

    Would it be a problem if I have other job but I work grave yard. Im okay with work weekend.

    Which position are the easy one to get hired on.

    Thank you for all the advise.

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    Re: Part Time interview at Disneyland

    It's tricky. If u say that u wanna make dreams come true. U will have to explain how u will do that.

    They tell u on the spot if they like you. If not, then they will tell u what you messed up on.


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      Re: Part Time interview at Disneyland

      okay thank you for the advise


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        Re: Part Time interview at Disneyland

        if u need more help then if you message me on here an send me your email. I think I could help you.


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          Re: Part Time interview at Disneyland

          Just mention how you've always loved going to the resort. The stuff you mentioned sounds good. Say that you like to make peoples dreams come true and then explain how you would do that. Have a smile on too, it's a huge part of the Disney look.

          If the position you applied for is taken then they will ask you if you have any other choices on which department you would like to work at, as long as there's open spots. If they don't do that they will put you on a wait list which could take a week or up to a few months. However with summer around the corner they will likely hire you pretty soon.

          Depending on the position you apply for, you will either have to wait for a second interview, or if you get hired they will schedule you to come in a fill out paperwork and take a photo for your ID. After that you will get scheduled to attend Traditions, which is basically an 8 hour orientation.

          Good Luck!


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