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Question About Background Check


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  • Question About Background Check

    I applied to work at WDW in merchandising, and I messed up pretty bad. I have 2 violations (trespassing and theft, after toilet papering a gym for a prank 7 years ago when I was 20), and when asked if I had any record, criminal history etc, I hastily took advice from a room mate and said no. I'm wondering now if it's too late to rectify the situation.

    I feel like I have 3 options-
    1. Do nothing. and hope it works out. (I don't like this idea)
    2. Call Casting. I could tell them I didn't understand and see if they can make a note in my file, or allow me to fill out the secondary form to explain yourself.
    3. Tell my recruiter during my interview in 2 weeks. I could tell him what I did and try to explain why I didn't mark the box.

    I feel like my best bet is to just call Casting. Do I have any chance of still getting this? I know I was wrong. Then and now. I'd appreciate any advice.
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    Re: Question About Background Check

    What did you end up doing and what was Disney's response?


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      Re: Question About Background Check

      You must to option 2 or 3. If you do nothing and a standard background check reveals you lied on application; you are gone. That is typical with most jobs. I've had cast pulled mid-shift on me for stuff like this. It's better to not get the job, rather be fired a few weeks in and try and explain that to next position you apply for.
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        Re: Question About Background Check

        Failure to disclose is an automatic rejection of an application. Explain the circumstances and you are much better off, especially considering what the infractions were.


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