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Working in Burbank


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  • Working in Burbank

    Anyone know a good way to get in at the Studios in Burbank?

    Through the site you can only apply. I've tried contacting them for salary info and never get a response. Anyone know what they pay for Sr. Admin Asst. or Analyst?

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    Re: Working in Burbank

    Good question!
    I'd loooove to work in Burbank, but I hear it's so hard
    I've applied a couple times with no peep
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      Re: Working in Burbank

      I was a temp on the Burbank lot for awhile. I worked there for about a month at one of the production companies in the old animation building.
      It was really wierd working on the lot on a daily basis.
      Just walking to and from the parking lot to the office just sent chills down my spine. I bumped into several well known people, the most famous being Liza Minelli. I helped Colm Meaney, Mr O"brien from Star Trek TNG, find an office he had a read for. And escorted Andre 3000 of Outkast fame around the studio.
      A Very surreal experience, but I'll never forget it.:blink::yea:
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        Re: Working in Burbank

        I was on the lot last year, and yes it's a very cool place. It looks just like it did when Walt was there. It's one of my families most treasured family trips.


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