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Any Character Hosts here?


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  • Any Character Hosts here?

    I see on the website that they are hiring hosts , i just wondered what else they had to do other then the obvious, stroll through the park with the characters and keep an eye out for time and trouble and keep the lines or whatever in order, i just wondered what else they had to do ? and if anyone had an idea of what the hours are like for that postition? thanks!

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    Re: Any Character Hosts here?

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      Re: Any Character Hosts here?

      No, I'm pretty sure he was talking about the park ... my suggestion would be to call casting.
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        Re: Any Character Hosts here?

        Hours depend on CR or full-time. They mostly follow around the characters and keep people from attacking them.
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          Re: Any Character Hosts here?

          I agree with melmel coments yes they mostly follow around the characters and keep people from attacking them. when i used to work in wdw entertainment we called them greeters but from what i have heard they have new names for everything now. But anyways it's not too bad of a position, but you don't get as many breaks as the characters do.


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            Re: Any Character Hosts here?

            Most of the time you'll be in a set location, such as Mickey's House or one of the other "main" spots. Though back when I was doing it, they didn't have as many characters walking around freely as they do now, so there maybe be some more roaming stuff. Still, between Ariel's Grotto, the Villains' Lair, the Pooh area, and Mickey's House, there are a lot of set locations.

            You basically organize the guests to keep them from killing eachother in line, and if they have their own cameras, you use them to take their pictures (if there's a DL photog. there, they use their own cameras, and you still use the guests' camera).

            Nice work if you can get it.

            Downside is: no guaranteed hours. That was my biggest problem with it. However, with the cast shortage, you can probably get enough hours these days.

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