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Character Audition


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  • Character Audition

    Any advice from current characters in the parks as to what to expect or be ready for during an upcoming character audition? Thanks

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    Re: Character Audition

    I can't say what to expect except for a simple dance routine, basic dance moves, character animation, etc.

    Advice for entertainment....

    Be yourself. Have fun. Be animated. Don't ask to be or say you look like someone/character, let them make the decisions- because they know best. Give it your all because it's all you can do!

    Good luck! May I ask how tall you are?


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      Re: Character Audition

      Can a 6ft 0in male get a job other than Goofy?

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      (VERY OLD!)


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        Re: Character Audition

        Originally posted by Speedway
        Can a 6ft 0in male get a job other than Goofy?
        Possibly. However, Goofy would be the character that a 6 foot person is friends with the most. I would imagine that one would have a lot of options in this height range, but I don't know how much power an individual would have. It also depends on puppeteering skills, but other characters in this height range include Jafar, Sweetums, Beast, and Darth Vadar, to name a few. Face characters are carefully selected and princes are quite tall - I'm not 100% sure of their height ranges though.


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          Re: Character Audition

          You could be the Queen of Hearts - that is one big boy!!
          Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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            Re: Character Audition

            I am 6'0 former character performer and i agree with the above statments it all depends on how good your puppeteering skills are and dancing. Peronsally I have done sweetums, captain hook, baloo, goofy, launchpad mcquack, queen of hearts, tigger. So good luck my friend!


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