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Quick Question for CM's


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  • Quick Question for CM's

    Hi All,

    My family is all Cali natives and could possibly move from Georgia back to Ca early next summer. Thank GOD!! I have been an aircraft mechanic for 20 years and I am looking for a change. Do any of you know what the maintenance CM's of the rides make? I am talking the monorail or SM or the more complex rides in the park. I am thinking of applying for a job if it is worth my time. I know the cost of livin etc...I also know it will most likely be 3rd shift for a long time, if that is what you guys call it. I also heard that prior military helps? Is that true??

    Thanks in advance for any info you can give me and thanks for the hard work!:bow:

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    Re: Quick Question for CM's

    1970: can't help ya on the Disney front, but there's some good general aviation out of Burbank airport, and also I believe at least one part 135 (or is it 91? Been too long since I got the dispatcher's license, I can tell!) cargo carrier in addition to the usual part 121 operations. There's also SNA, but I doubt there's much tech work out of there. Long Beach, however, has Polar Air, if memory serves, so you could check into whether they have mechanic openings.

    Sorry I can't help you on the "making a change" front, but I'm sure someone could give you more insight.

    Actually, why don't you contact Disneyland Professional Staffing?

    Failing that, you could look at the 3 other major parks in the area to get started.

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      Re: Quick Question for CM's

      $17 to $30 per hour. You would need ride/coaster experiance. Any welding cert gets them talking to you.
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