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Cast Member of 2006


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  • Cast Member of 2006

    I work at the park with my buddy barfownz
    Last edited by Dustysage; 09-22-2006, 04:17 PM.

    Wow, the 50th is over.....

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    Re: Cast Member of 2006

    Forgive me if I'm wrong...but isn't there a warning to not say where you work or where someone else works in the parks? Wasn't that posted somewhere? I thought I saw it posted...somewhere.

    Why would you mention this anyway?
    Last edited by clara; 09-22-2006, 04:19 PM.

    Ta Da!


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      Re: Cast Member of 2006

      I was actually wondering the same, is there a point?
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        Re: Cast Member of 2006

        Admin Note:

        This isn't an official MiceChat rule; however, it isn't a good idea for cast members to list where they work in the park or in other ways expose their identities online. There have been reported incidents of cast members being punished or fired for what they post online.
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          Re: Cast Member of 2006



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            Re: Cast Member of 2006

            Something about puppets made out of footwear?

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              Re: Cast Member of 2006

              Check your PM SunshinetigerTigerLily, You probably misunderstood my words.


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