Hi guys! so i'm more of a poster at WDWmagic- but am looking to get more mixed crowd response instead of just WDW CM's.....I'm doing the college program at WDW, working in entertainment, and am looking to maybe go seasonal, maybe part time, maybe even audition for equity after my CP is up... I don't know which park to choose though, because my heart still belongs to DL, AND it's closer to home (i'm from arizona). I know that DL and WDW run their Entertainment departments differently, and have some questions about all of that business..... Is there anyone that's knowledgable about both sides possibly?? I won't bother posting all my questions yet- you can PM me or something!

as a sidenote, I'm looking at schools as well- I don't know anything about the ones in the orlando or the anaheim area, but I'm a Nursing/Pre-Med major... by any chance does anybody know of any local schools that have a good program?? I'm going to ASU now, so we have a pretty good nursing program, but I really didn't like it there my freshman year and am dreading going back when I return home!!!