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DL Rehire Status Review


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  • DL Rehire Status Review

    Got a question for all of you out there because I dont' know the answer.

    I have a friend who left DL over 10 years ago. He wants to return to work at the Park for extra money but needs to have his no-rehire status lifted. Actually, I know a handful of people with no-rehire status and all of the reseasons DL gave it to them are bogus in my opinion. Anyway, he gave his notice to quit but it was less than 2 weeks because the company that hired him wanted him to work ASAP. Given the circumstances...$5.25 per hour or $15 per hour...what would you do? When he gave his notice, the supervisor was pretty PO'd and told him that they're giving him a no-rehire status.

    So anyway, how does he go about to get his rehire lifted? But since I'm on the subject...has anyone tried this and succeeded? The people I know that have no-rehire well their's were non safety related, non guest related, and they did not steal from the company nor did they lose revenue. Most of them just caught their superiors at a bad time I guess and worked when sup's loved to just hand out no-rehires to anyone that left.

    Background on my friend...he's a college grad...recently got his Master's...his job is considered management...etc. Sign of the times are catching up and he wants to earn extra money and have some fun.

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    Was it a union position? Unions, IMO, are almost completely useless, but in this instance it might help?

    Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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      I assume his was but this was over 10 years ago. Most of my friends had union jobs but I know of 2 that didn't. Are there different ways of rehire status reviews for union and non-union?


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        I had a no rehire for many years, ever since I quit in 1982. I had tried over the years to get it lifted, but only received the basic form letter from casting thanking me, but no thanks. This was frustrating and I had actually given up all hopes in returning. In 2000, I happened to run into a friend of mine who is a lead at the Plaza Inn and also a union steward. I told him of my predicament and to make a long story short, he hooked me up with another union rep and they eventually helped me get a rehire back at D/L. I went back in 2000 (my part time job) and ended up working almost 80 hours a week. I did this for almost 2 years, but had to put an end to it to get my sanity back. I regretted my decision, but it had to be done. I came back again in 2003 and was rehired in attractions. I went to my orientation and went to one day of my on the job training and then quit, due to conflicts of scheduling with my regular job and Disney (my real job was too far away and just reconsolidated and needed my 100% dedication). I thought I would get a no rehire, but that is not the case anymore. I was also told that Disney cannot do this anymore (legal issue), unless you have stolen, etc... I would suggest you call Casting records and have him check his status. I was also told that a no rehire would also fall off the system after a duration of time. Give it a shot. Hopefully this helps.



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          Does anyone know how long a no rehire stay on your records? I had a misunderstanding with my supervisior ar the DL Hotel back in early 1993 and recieved a no rehire.


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            You best bet is to call Casting records and they should help you with that.


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              Re: DL Rehire Status Review

              i had a no rehire lifted recently, but it was because hr had misinformation and it took a few months to get it straighted out, but it was done. i have not heard of anyone else getting it lifted. i was under the impression that it was forever set in stone
              please be afraid.


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