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Rate of pay at DL!?


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  • Rate of pay at DL!?

    Omg, how do they expect to hire class people if they only offer minimum wage to there CM's, I dont get it. Is it me or do they need to raise the ROP rate of pay to fit the OC's cost of living?
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    I agree but in all honesty the work doesn't require special skills. But when I worked there over 13 years ago, they did rely on college students to fill in the jobs but with companies that offer paid internships now and another park with more CMs to hire, DL is not going to be particularly picky as they have been in the past.


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      well, I recently read that In and Out burger pays 11 dollars an hour to start- no wonder they are having such a hard time filling positions in the foods department! I agree that they are going to need to start paying more or else they will have no one except illegals showing up at job fairs.
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        That's why In-N-Out has the only English-speaking drive-thrus in the state. Quality, smiling workers don't come cheap.

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          In and Out pays extremely well but then again, they don't have that many locations as other chains do. They also offer excellent management opportunities and start at around $60k. Not bad!!!


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            That's nothing next to when I used to work at KFC. I was making $6.25 an hour as an assistant manager - although this was in a labor market where there were 10 applicants for every job - and our store manager was pulling in ~120k per year plus stock! Not bad, eh? If I had stayed there I could have had my own KFC by now <shudder>. I was the youngest assistant manager in the entire franchise which was comprised of most of the KFCs west of the Rocky Mountains (but not all of them). I was seventeen when I became the regular Friday night manager. I was in charge of the store from 4:00 p.m. until closing on the busiest night of the week...and I was making $6.25 an hour. That's just sick!


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